New Year 2010 – my so called resolutions

This is something I wrote for last  New Year’s resolutions and I thought I should share it again….these were my ‘resolutions’ of sorts….

So often we try to add something new without ridding ourselves of the old first….these are my ‘insteads’.


Instead of filling it up…. empty it out.

Instead of accumulating… destash

Instead of panicking… pray

Instead of talking… listen

Instead of leading… follow

Instead of

“Me” choose “You”

Instead of

“too busy” choose “I’ll make room for you”

When you find yourself saying

“I need it”, ask “who could use it more?”

When you find yourself saying

“I’m important”, remember to live as though there are no levels…

Instead of

“won’t” choose “should I?”

Instead of doing it the same old way, ask “is there something better?”

Instead of …….? 

What can you fill in for an “Instead of……” for your life in 2010?




The Randomness of submitting to The Repurposing….

What happens when we open ourselves up to think less of ourselves and more of others??  If you’ve not spent much time here, I refer to that process as “The Repurposing”.
Here is an experience I saw on a friends’ Facebook Status….
“Had an awesome experience at Starbucks on our way home…was able to pay for some gents order with the money we had left over on our giftcard and blew him away…he was so shocked by my gesture…gave him the remaining $10 that was on it.
The Starbucks employee was so blown away he came up to (hubby) and I and gave us each a free beverage coupon to use and said that that was one of the most generous acts of kindness he’s seen in a long time…I felt blessed making someone elses day…thanks God!”

The Life I have Chosen…

” Since this is the kind of life we have chosen, the life of the Spirit, let us make sure that we do not just hold it as an idea in our heads or a sentiment in our hearts, but work out its implications in every detail of our lives. That means we will not compare ourselves with each other as if one of us were better and another worse. We have far more interesting things to do with our lives. Each of us is an original. “


Part of the REPURPOSING journey for me, for sure has been learning to let go of alot of things / ideas / plans.butterfly

Part of the REPURPOSING journey for me, for sure has been tapping in to thoughts that are higher than my own, that take into account the BIG picture and that are not so consumed with my own wishes, dreams and plans.


Part of the REPURPOSING journey for me, for sure has been learning to let go, to be still in the now, and to be content with the present, not looking to any person, thing or event to satisfy me.

Part of the REPURPOSING journey for me, for sure has been learning to look at others with a new lens – one that says they are no better, nor any worse than me and my own spiritual condition.  We all have our junk.  We all struggle with our private inner thoughts and character.  We all need redemption day after day after day.

butterflyPart of the REPURPOSING journey for me, for sure has been learning about the ability to tap into a source so satisfying that things of this life, are growing strangely dimmer and dimmer – there is so much that just doesn’t matter or take priority with me any more.

Part of the REPURPOSING journey for me, for sure has been the release of details and control in all those daily things that drive us crazy….finances…relationships…worries…

butterflyI rest differently now.  I rest in a knowing that I matter in all the right ways, and I don’t hold any false positions or ranks in all the wrong ways.  My perspective has shifted, my wants are few, my desires dimmed.  This is not a process that I could have initiated, planned, or plotted through any 5, 8 or 18 step program….this could only come about by own willingness to give up, give in, give over, give all.

I’ve chosen to become less, instead of more.

I’ve chosen the less walked path,instead of the well-marked one.

I’ve chosen the unknown, and know now that NOT knowing is somewhat freeing, gratifying and releasing. 

I, for one, stand amazed.


I don’t know what’s next.  Tomorrow.  Next Week.  Next Year.

I could be back in the corporate world.  I could be slinging burgers.  I could be rich – I could be poor.  I could be healthy – I could be sick.  I could be up – I could be down.

I don’t know those details.  I do know that where I am and what I do will be by His Hand, and for His Glory.



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(the words at the top are from Galatians 5:25 – the Message version)

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As a Person thinketh…


It’s been awhile since I’ve waxed poetic on here and I thought it’s about time to share some of my thoughts on where I’ve been….where I am….and where I’m going….

There would have been lots of words to describe a person like me just a few years ago, and they might have read like this:

Driven….Productive…..Self Assured….Effective Manager….Efficient….

…those are the things that assured success in the world called “corporate “.

Now, just a few years later, my skin bristles to even think about who that was.

She was self-centered; she was fearful of not being in control; she was afraid that it would all fall apart if she didn’t handle every miniscule detail; she didn’t ever want to fail because it meant she wasn’t good enough.


Enter “The Repurposing”….

At some point I became acutely aware that living life this way, was certainly not what was intended for me, and that I had to change my thinking…..

The laws of thought really do govern our life path, and I know that our soul (mind-will-emotions) attracts that which it secretly harbors; (that which it loves, and also that which it fears).  Unless I wanted my life to reflect those things which I now found distasteful, I had to surrender.


Now, having a life change forced on you by your circumstance is one thing, and learning how to live and walk through that is entirely different than what I have been / still am walking through.  I’ve not lived through a corporate layoff, downsizing, or anyone else telling me my career world ( the way I knew it) was done with.

At any day, at any moment, I could still SO EASILY revert back to my thoughts which say:

“you can do so much more”;

“you are wasting your time and your life”;

“you are earning less than half of what you should be, and are depriving your family”.

…and it would be so EASY to jump back into that corporate lifestyle and accept the lies that governed me for so long.


It is because I make the choice to ignore those voices that I am misunderstood.  It is because this has not been forced on me that people think I’ve ‘lost my mojo’. 

All because I chose a better way.

The way I’ve chosen demands me to think less of myself, and to not incessantly chase some invisible goal of ‘success’….

The way I’ve chosen compels me to live knowing that I could ‘be more productive  and earn my ‘supply’ , but I choose to trust instead…humbling my own thoughts of who I am and what I”m capable of.

The way I’ve chosen dictates that I open my eyes to see how much we still have that we don’t need; how we live wastefully even when our consciousness states that  ‘we need more’.

The way I’ve chosen puts alot more emphasis on the organic movings of our family rhythym rather than some forced schedule that accomodates my needs.


I don’t see a visible end.  I don’t see a light at the end of the tunnel.  On so many days I still yearn for the ‘solution’, for the ‘why I did that’ to emerge. 

Because I still look for the end, I know that I’m still on the path, and have not yet been completely transformed in my thinking.  There is still much work to do and probably always will be.

And yet….

I see someone who reflects a new creativity.

I see someone who reflects a new flexibility.

I see someone who bends her schedule and plans to fit those of others.

I see someone who gives generously.

I see someone who is able to respond with wisdom

It’s because I’ve ignored the pull of what others think or say….I no longer perform for anyone’s benefit, I don’t worry too much if I’m ‘getting it’; or if it fits someone else’s vision of ‘what I should be’.

I’m me.

I think I’m finally seeing that a strong will is not the blessing that an “A-type” is often labelled with. 

A strong will is what keeps us from receiving.  A strong will keeps us from hearing.  A strong will keeps us from experiencing grace.  A strong will is a mountain-high fence erected to keep us safe from the unknown….and yet guess what?  The unknown is a much safer place than we give it credit for….


I just am.

Come what may.

I am loved; supplied for; cared about; special; part of a plan; never forgotten; broken; fixed; forgiven; hugged.


If Money were no Object…..


what would you do???….just another way of asking “What’s your dream?”

What would you do if money were no object and you didn’t have to ‘work a day job’ to pay the bills?

I’m writing mine up and will be sharing it in the next little while…in the meantime….put your dream into a couple of short sentences and leave it in the comments.


5 day challenge – DAY 4 of Beans and Rice

With almost 170 views on yesterday’s post, it seems as though the Beans & Rice challenge is resonating with some out there….if each one of you reading is impacted just enough to DO something…anything…we can see change come….and hey….thanks for reading!

Here’s what it comes down to.  I’m not overtly verbal about what I believe on this blog but I do hold beliefs consistent with Christianity.  I am a Christ follower, but find the word Christian to be nauseating most days because of what that word has come to mean..

…. you won’t usually hear me trying to convince you that your views are wrong just because they are different from mine, but I do try to live in harmony with what I believe and detail that for you here..

…Welcome to Day 4 of Beans & Rice….


I’m still struggling to know what to write about the challenge.  I CAN’T SOLVE THE WORLD’S problems….

…yesterday I got mail from Life Today talking about the desperate need for water somewhere in the world….it’s not just food that people need, it’s access to fresh drinking water….

…how could the world have let this happen……how can we be soooo comfortable, so over indulgent and not see the needs around us…? ( in our own city and across the world…)

….how could we continue on our merry way without realizing that every article of clothing, a lot of foodstuffs, many knick-knacks we buy in the name of consumerism, actually exploit workers somewhere in the world.  We can’t possibly follow through every purchase we make to know it’s true roots….

If you haven’t seen it before the video The Story of Stuff might open your eyes a little….I challenge you to find time to watch it.

I found this and liked this guys’ writing…it sounds like something I may have written to challenge people in their own thoughts of what being a Christ Follower looks like:

The ‘Following Jesus’ Manifesto

  1. Stop talking about Jesus. Just stop. If we loved the people around us half as much as we say we love Jesus the rest of this manifesto would be entirely redundant.
  2. Live a secret life. Invest the time, effort and vulnerability necessary to delve deeply into the scripture and prayer. Spend long periods of time in stillness. There is no shortcut to this, there is no other way. Without a deep and secret life we soon find ourselves talking about Jesus instead of being like Jesus.
  3. Stop pretending. I’m a Christian, and I suck. So do you. Let’s get that out of the way, shall we?
  4. Give more than you get. There will always be more than enough.
  5. Be present for those around you. Following Jesus has nothing to do with your work, your resume or your income. In fact, nothing that matters does.
  6. Treasure broken-ness. Our broken places are sacred spaces in our heart. Honour them. Value them. In doing so you love the unlovely, publicly declaring the beauty of God’s image in everyone. Greet the broken with comfort and cool water.
  7. Throw a party.
  8. Know Jesus well enough to recognize him on the street. This is rather important, because he can always be found on the street – and he usually looks more like a pan-handler than a preacher.
  9. Accept ingratitude and abuse as a fixed cost. Embrace them, and then go the extra mile.
  10. If you follow Jesus, you will anger religious people. This is how you will know.

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On being a Fool and a Failure – WWFM

What works for me this week is reading something that helps puts words to my new understanding that POVERTY can mean many things.

Read this book:


“Our mobile society

encourages competition

and economic aggression

rather than contentment.

Someone who isn’t

climbing the social

ladder is regarded as

a fool and a failure.

We’re taught to climb

to the top of the heap.

What we’re not taught

is that the heap is

a garbage heap”

– Peter Kreeft


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