Running with Scissors…

…just a few of the things I’ve been toying with, in between renovations, life, working, volunteering and everything else…

I needed a laptop sleeve, so I pulled out an old sweater and made a cozy….while I was at it, made a matching sock for my iphone.

Then I pulled out an old jacket and made a travelling pack for my phone…

And #1 son loves skateboarding brands but Mom and Dad are not so thrilled about the price tags on those things, so we decided to make one of our own using REVERSE APPLIQUE.  What a fun thing to do – I am sure we will be making more things using this technique….here’s how it works:

Using an embroidery hoop, we traced out the design we wanted to use using a washable marker:


Then we cut out a circle of what we wanted our background fabric to be, and stitched around the logo…(next time I will not choose one quite so took too much thinking!)

Then we started thinking about which parts we wanted to keep and started cutting away the parts we didn’t:

tada….!  It looks even better now that it has been washed and the edges got a little ratty….not bad for a thrifted $1.49 t-shirt!


Today I did some cleaning in the studio, and it doesn’t usually take long in there for me to get creatively inspired…..I’ve been looking at Anthropologie’s site and think that I can do a whole lot better for a whole lot cheaper!

Check out my repurposed Doily Bib necklaces!

You can see more photos at

Made using a vintage Ten Commandments Charm Bracelet - see more photos at


August Challenge

so I put a challenge out there for you Facebookers to repurpose just one thing this week – did anyone catch the bug?

I sat down in my studio, determined to ‘create’ something and looked at all the scrappy bits of fabric I have lying around.  I started fiddling, and faddling, and piecing, and something started to emerge….

Who knew that QUILTING would have been one of the original uses for scrappy bits?  I never thought it would be something I could get into because of the time involved, but quite honestly because you can piece them square by square, it might just be something I could get in to! 

It totally fits my philosophy of:

1) taking less than an hour, #2) taking no appreciable skill to complete #3) be easy enough that I don’t have to measure or follow a pattern to do it, and #4) that I don’t have to spend any $$ on….

Here’s what came out:


and then this one….


and then I remembered something I had made last year:


and then I started looking at quilting PATTERNS….my oh my, you could go for years and never make the same square twice.   Anyhew…apparently the center of this is called a modified nine-patch….I just kept adding on….oh, and don’t look too carefully at my seams…by now you know how I roll….


Then I was out at the mall yesterday and I saw the cutest top with ribbon roses on it, and I thought hey!  I could do that…so I didn’t change the thread on my machine and started sewing in circles…..when I do it again, I’ll change the thread and start from the middle….I think it has the potential to be really cute….!  Anyhew…once the flower was done I needed something to put it on, so I whipped up this:


I used creative license in borrowing the phrase from Matt….I hope he doesn’t mind!

So I don’t know if anyone else was playing along, but I sure had fun this week and discovered a whole new genre to play with!

Spoon Love….


So I bought a new dress for my sister’s wedding and now of course, I need jewelery to go with it.  But…that means buying more at retail and you know how that makes my skin crawl….so…I headed to the studio to start ‘creating’.

I ended up with this piece that I love, but it’s not quite right for the wedding, so I will have to keep at that…who knows what else I will come up with!



It is really shiny so it was hard to photograph, but it basically is a flattened silver spoon ( not stainless steel…) a vintage rhinestone necklace clasp and an old skeleton key.

Right now the key is on there with a key ring ( how predictable, I know..!) and I do want to replace that with something more delicate but I will have to scrounge around to find something else first…oh sure, I could just go to Michael’s Crafts but that would be RETAIL people….not my bag!

Oh and yes…that is GREEN wire.  I couldn’t find any silver wire, so I just used the green wire we had for my sister’s wedding dress flowers….quirky, but perfect…!

REPURPOSED on Facebook


Repurposing Trends

…There are alot of places to find inspiration for repurposing old items. Google is my best friend these days when I find myself with something to repurpose….

Take for instance – ZIPPERS.

Wouldya ever have thought about this?????



Brooches and the like from ZIPPERS…..see more here


REPURPOSED on Facebook


Repurposing a Wedding Dress

We’ve been hanging onto my mom’s wedding dress, well, since forever….it has been damaged some in all of our moves, and really wasn’t in great condition.

So, when #1 sister decided to get married, we made the decision to cut it up and create some useful items out of it.

First of all, we have crafted the ring bearers’ pillow, which my son(9) will carry the rings on and hand to her stepson(15).


And then, we cut out some strips of the satin and the netting from the full skirt; added a bit of ecru lace that I scrounged up, and so far, have half a dozen ‘shabby roses’ made. 

We had thought my son(9) would carry these down the aisle as well, pausing to put three ( for three children) of them on a table where Mom’s picture will sit, and then hand the other three to my Dad…but we’re not sure about all that yet.  Not sure how that would work as he walks #1 sister down the aisle….  any ideas from blogland?




It’s been fun having the sewing machine going again….we are a long way from having my studio back up and running, but in the meantime, the dining room table does just fine…!

Repurposing a Window blind – part II

I also had this roman blind sample kicking around….it had gotten pretty dirty, faded and just started looking yukky on display, so I brought it home and subjected it to my scissors…


There will be 6 other ladies from across Canada with me at a Sales convention in Dallas next week, and since we all spend alot of time in our cars, I made one of these for everyone!


I found 6 different vintage buttons, so they are all a little bit different, but useful just the same!


Repurposing Inspiration – a blog round-up

Due to a self-imposed, overfull schedule, I’ve not been repurposing as much as I’d like over the last few months…although, I am working on a  new studio space, and once organized, that should help things a little…

I’m always bookmarking interesting items that I see as inspiration and I thought I’d dedicate this post to some of the fun things that I’ve seen people do in the name of repurposing old clothing!

See how a normal, every day sweater was transformed like this:


See it here

Or something I’m dying to try…. this truly icky sweater and shoes have been transformed like this:


See the info here

Or, how about a t-shirt transformation – we’ve all got more t-shirts than we know what to do with…couldja use a new pair of yoga pants?


See that transformation here

My challenge to you is….try just one thing..even if you can’t sew.  Just grab a pair of scissors and something that is in your donation pile….can you make something out of it that changes it’s purpose?  that gives it new life?

I’d love to hear about your experiences!

2009 has me renewing my plans to look to the things I already own instead of simply going and buying things I think I need.

I can live with much less junk….more creativity and more meaningful days

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