The Randomness of submitting to The Repurposing….

What happens when we open ourselves up to think less of ourselves and more of others??  If you’ve not spent much time here, I refer to that process as “The Repurposing”.
Here is an experience I saw on a friends’ Facebook Status….
“Had an awesome experience at Starbucks on our way home…was able to pay for some gents order with the money we had left over on our giftcard and blew him away…he was so shocked by my gesture…gave him the remaining $10 that was on it.
The Starbucks employee was so blown away he came up to (hubby) and I and gave us each a free beverage coupon to use and said that that was one of the most generous acts of kindness he’s seen in a long time…I felt blessed making someone elses day…thanks God!”

Stitched Bits and a 60 cent bag of scraps

I created this ‘stitched bit’ almost two years ago when I began my artistic journey:


I still love looking at it – something in me connects with fabric…!

So, I thought maybe it was time to create another one, and I created one this week:


Just bits of nothing really, and yet oddly calming and quieting to work on.  As I arrange and then re-arrange the ‘bits’ I find myself transported to places of ‘nowhere’.  Everywhere but nowhere.

Thinking about lots of things, but thinking about nothing.

Dreaming many dreams but dreaming of nothing.

Odd.  Calming.  Restoring.


On one of my jaunts through a thrift store I happened upon a bread bag of scraps in Christmas colors – reds / greens / prints….all obviously cast-off and cut-offs from Christmas Crafts Past and it was ONLY 60 CENTS, so I rescued it from the thrift store and sat down to create something….I added a few buttons, and it slowly started to take shape:


The colors seemed to dictate a Christmas theme, and so I just stayed with that:


kept finding bits….putting them together in interesting combinations:


and I emerged with this:



I included loops on the top and hung it from a rod I had….still haven’t pressed it but I stitched a back to it and I guess I will call it freehand-textile-art….!

From something that someone else considered garbage, or a waste, something (somewhat!) beautiful was able to be created…..isn’t that a great metaphor for our lives?  How many of us live thinking or feeling that all we’ve got left is the garbage, the waste…how much good do we actually have left to offer the world?

How many of us think that what we have to give is worth nothing, or maybe only 60 cents….

Maybe the magic isn’t in our offering.  Maybe the magic is in allowing someone with greater vision and creativity the opportunity to form something beautiful out of it.

I’m just sayin’.


All this stitching reminds me of some work my friend Julie has done….work completely done with fabric: 




hmmm…maybe I’ll have to keep exploring!


Here is someone else exploring their love of fabric through stitched bits.

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A Repurposed Garland

I was inspired by Nesting Place to work on some things around my house for Christmas.

I am so done with cheap ‘evergreen’ garlands like this:


I’ve attached lights, I’ve doubled them up (the one in the picture is actually two twisted together), I’ve put ribbons through them, I’ve nested ornaments in them….and never been happy.

So when Nesting Place featured her updated version, I thought to my self, “self, that’s something YOU CAN DO!”

I stopped off at my local dollar store ( that’s not really a DOLLAR store, but I guess since everything ends in $.00 they can call it that), and picked up these:


After a few snip-snips ( with my good paper scissors I might add….yikes), I ended up with this:


I’m pretty happy!  When I dig out my white lights, I’ll add those too, and I’ll see what else I have kicking around the house, ’cause you know, I hate to go BUY anything….I wanna first see what I can use from around the house.  (disclaimer:  yes, I did spend $4.50 on the picks that I cut up for this….I figured that was alot less than buying new garlands!)

I’m pleased, very pleased….



here is something else we put together last night while watching ‘Survivor'(…poor Randy, he had it coming…)

tree1 tree2

…easy peasy….

The Choice

Unarguably, many of the little and big things in life are brought about by one thing…..our choice.

We choose every day the kind of wife we will be.  We choose every day the kind of mom we will be.

We choose how to fill our 1440 minutes each day.

We choose where each dollar goes….


I want today’s post to be a very practical thing you can refer to when it comes to choosing things which come into your home and your life.

Ask yourself these questions:

1)  Do I need this?

“qualifier:  yes…even ask this question about food, toiletries and cleaning products”

2)  What is it replacing?

“qualifier:  did I just use something up, and need a replacement, or is there a more practical replacement I can choose….or do I need it at all?  Have I just become accustomed to having it?”

3)  Could I be making a better choice?

“qualifier:  now here is where those of you who think frugal = cheap may be surprised.  Sometimes the better choice costs more”

4)   Can I wait?  Do I need this today?

“qualifier:  you might be amazed at how long you can put off a purchase instead of giving in to immediate gratification”

Here’s a link to a lady who has decided to use what is in her cupboards and freezer instead of just trying to fill them up each week….her grocery budget is $60 / week for a family of 4.

5)  Am I buying this to impress someone else?  Do I think I need this to make my home, me, my kids etc. look a certain way?

“qualifier: If I lived in the woods, and nobody was visiting for 6 months, would I need this?  Do I feel like less of a mother / wife / homemaker if my home doesn’t look a certain way?”

6)  When I die, is this going to add value to my estate?

“qualifier:  this one is from personal experience….I’ve handled enough estate sales / garage sales to know that our stuff is worth bubkus, nadda, zip”

7)  What will happen to this when I am done with it?  Can it be recycled or will it end up in a landfill?

“qualifier:  to say I’ll give it to charity’ is not really a good option…the person buying it from the resale shop will probably not give as much thought to recycling it as you will”

Those are just a few of the questions I’ve learned to ask myself when making decisions about where my next dollar goes.  Amazingly, since working on this ( and it is work…!), I’ve found I have more money available to be generous, to give to charity, to save and to pay off debt!  It really, really works.

The hard part is the discipline of sticking with it.  The hard part is not worrying what friends and family think of my choices.  They are MY choices.  I feel comfortable with them, I know it’s for the right reason.


I’ve been emailed that some of you don’t know how to leave a comment….you just need to look right below the post, and look for where it says ‘ (#) Comments‘ and click on it.


For my friend who emailed me and asked “so are you becoming a minimalist hippy?”……

Nope.  Would a hippy wear these…????


(Qualifier:  these are all about me baby, all about me…!)

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