Repurposing a Window blind – part II

I also had this roman blind sample kicking around….it had gotten pretty dirty, faded and just started looking yukky on display, so I brought it home and subjected it to my scissors…


There will be 6 other ladies from across Canada with me at a Sales convention in Dallas next week, and since we all spend alot of time in our cars, I made one of these for everyone!


I found 6 different vintage buttons, so they are all a little bit different, but useful just the same!



Tutorial – How to make a scarf from t-shirts

Here is my very first repurposed project tutorial to make a rag scarf.


It took me about an hour and a half from start to finish….no sewing machine required.



3 t-shirts of any color combination.  ( they can have bleach marks or stains, it doesn’t really matter)

1 needle and thread

Scissors – they should be fabric scissors or else you may have blisters before you are done.


Step 1 – find three lengths of t-shirt fabric.  They can be alternating colors or the same color.  It’s fun to use different textures and patterns.  They can be the same width or slightly different as shown in the drawing.  Cut pieces as long or as short and as wide as you’d like – you have lots of flexibility!  For an extra long scarf you could sew two pieces together.

Step 2 – Either hand sew or machine sew a straight line down the center of ( and through) all three fabrics.

Ste- 3 – using FABRIC scissors, cut on each side of the sewing line, just up to the thread.

That’s it!  You can wear it tonight!


Calling all aLTeReD aRtIsTs

I think I might be legit!  I sold my first piece of altered art.

Remember this post?


I took alot of photos this week (that are still in my camera) and just haven’t had a spare minute to try to get them out and write something….HBI is trying to read 100 books before the end of the school year, so that means we use up alot of our free time reading…which is not a bad thing!

I posted these on my etsy this week.    If you are an altered / mixed media / collage / assemblage kind of artist, you might be interested….if not in these specifically, let me know….we still have buildings full of stuff I can pull out


I’ve got everything from keys to doorknobs, postcards to vintage magazines, silverware to nuts and bolts.   If you like to use a particular type of item, let me know what it is and I’ll see what I can pull together!




So far, this one is my favorite..!!!

Here is a project I have been working on for a few weeks now.  It’s going to be for my nephew who plays guitar, and of course, likes old school metal.  Considering that I don’t know how to sew,  and am lousy at following patterns, I had to muddle through this one.

It started with a bag and a raincoat from the thrift shop. 


I saw the bag for a buck and I KNEW I could repurpose the findings on this thing for a greater good. 


(not sure if those Peanuts embroideries will ever find a home,

but I couldn’t bear to throw them out!)

It was important that the raincoat was a fall season coat…it had a lining with a layer of polyfill in it.  I needed the extra stability to keep the bag’s shape.


From there, I carefully planned out my cuts and went to work.

I added some scraps of camoflague from the robe project I featured earlier; I added a bit of my dog’s broken reflective collar; and I scrounged an 80’s rock album from Iron Maiden.


How does that end up to be something useful and cool???



Oh baby, this is cool…!!!!


We had the album cover laminated and hubby helped with putting 6 rivets on each side.  I used the outer and inner pockets which you can’t see in the photo.

I cannot believe the coolness factor of this thing.  If my 17-year-old-nephew doesn’t like it I may just be carrying it around myself!  not sure if I, at 37 1/2,  am cool enough for that album cover, but…you never know!


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