Christmas Photos on the iphone

Cell phone cameras aren’t exactly known for their good picture taking ability, and my first thoughts on the iphone were about the same….

OK, but a little grainy, and not really focused….not terribly clear…

So I kept playing with it….downloading the free apps to see if I could get any improvement….I finally paid for CAMERA GENIUS.

I played with it this weekend, and I think it definitely has some potential….anyone else have something they’ve loaded, or have any suggestions on improving these?






The Blessing of Honor


I attended a brunch last Saturday where each table hostess was asked to ‘decorate’ her own table in a way that reflected her personality and/or in a way to bless those who would be sitting at her table.

I’ll post about my table another time, because to stay true to ‘Notice the Celebrate Small Moments’ at Chatting at the Sky, I took time to notice this table:


This lady had used china that her mother gave her, a tablecloth and napkins that her mother had made, and had various pictures of her parents and other treasured momentos around her table.

Because I love anything ‘old’, I asked her about her table, and she told me how special this table was to her because her and her mother, never really got along… This table was her way of honoring her Mother, even tho’ things had not always gone smoothly, of taking a moment and sharing things that were dear to her mother, of letting by-gones be by-gones and celebrating the hospitality that perhaps, in some way, she wished her own mother had been able to show her.

It was a beautiful display that healed hurts through the simple act of remembering, and choosing to honor and bless instead of curse.

A good reminder for all of us through this holiday season…..who is the hardest person in our life to love?

Who could we ‘do without’ for very personal reasons?

What hurts could heal if you chose to honor and bless them?   

hmmm….something to think about….stay on this post for just a moment and think those questions through for your self.  How could you CHANGE the course of holidays to come by a simple act of blessing?

It is a choice which you have the power to make….

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