I am thinking I’ll take one post per week and share some of the fab finds that I pick up….I’m always scouring for things and even I am amazed at some of the things I find.

Take for instance this:


Can I get a woweeeeeeeee????  This is a fine vintage leather bomber jacket!  See all details here.

Then, just a mere few moments later, I stumbled on these:


So 80’s, so UNWORN, so great!  See all details here.

Oh how I wish I could get paid to just scrounge through junk all day….something makes me very happy about finding things that someone else has thought was trash, was no good, was finished.  I enjoy the feeling of helping these things resurface to find other people who are willing to think outside of the Mass-produced-big-box mindset and live on the creative /dare to be different side.

Why do I do what I do?  Read This.

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