The Winds of change….


…I’ve been harboring this post for a coupla weeks, not quite sure when to pull the trigger, but I think it’s right about now….

I’ve felt for awhile that I needed to take a break from my REPURPOSED ITEMS blogging. It has started to feel like I NEED to keep my daily regular readers happy and churn out something for them to see. Don’t get me wrong…I am THRILLED when you comment, or email me but I’m just not ‘tracking with it’ right now.

For me, the time I spend REPURPOSING any item or playing in my studio has absolutely nothing to do with the final product….it has EVERYTHING to do with what is happening in my own soul as I learn to create something from nothing…as I learn to “do” something that intrinsically has NO VALUE, and is adding nothing to my productivity driven self….THAT to me is the draw, is the life-giving energy that I get from it….

I’ve spent so much time in my life doing things that had a visible purpose, that I’m enjoying and learning from the ‘nothingness’ of my studio time. I need to protect that and the learnings that are coming from it.

I’ll still post some fun things on my Facebook Fan Page, but it will probably be more sporadic, and showcase what others are doing instead of me….just so you know…..


(not mine…just some creative inspiration…)


Whaddya Get when…..

modpodge1…you give a 9 year old boy free reign with the Mod-Podge in the studio??






snowmobile themed Fridge Magnets…!!!  I just have to find/buy the magnets!


The Life I have Chosen…

” Since this is the kind of life we have chosen, the life of the Spirit, let us make sure that we do not just hold it as an idea in our heads or a sentiment in our hearts, but work out its implications in every detail of our lives. That means we will not compare ourselves with each other as if one of us were better and another worse. We have far more interesting things to do with our lives. Each of us is an original. “


Part of the REPURPOSING journey for me, for sure has been learning to let go of alot of things / ideas / plans.butterfly

Part of the REPURPOSING journey for me, for sure has been tapping in to thoughts that are higher than my own, that take into account the BIG picture and that are not so consumed with my own wishes, dreams and plans.


Part of the REPURPOSING journey for me, for sure has been learning to let go, to be still in the now, and to be content with the present, not looking to any person, thing or event to satisfy me.

Part of the REPURPOSING journey for me, for sure has been learning to look at others with a new lens – one that says they are no better, nor any worse than me and my own spiritual condition.  We all have our junk.  We all struggle with our private inner thoughts and character.  We all need redemption day after day after day.

butterflyPart of the REPURPOSING journey for me, for sure has been learning about the ability to tap into a source so satisfying that things of this life, are growing strangely dimmer and dimmer – there is so much that just doesn’t matter or take priority with me any more.

Part of the REPURPOSING journey for me, for sure has been the release of details and control in all those daily things that drive us crazy….finances…relationships…worries…

butterflyI rest differently now.  I rest in a knowing that I matter in all the right ways, and I don’t hold any false positions or ranks in all the wrong ways.  My perspective has shifted, my wants are few, my desires dimmed.  This is not a process that I could have initiated, planned, or plotted through any 5, 8 or 18 step program….this could only come about by own willingness to give up, give in, give over, give all.

I’ve chosen to become less, instead of more.

I’ve chosen the less walked path,instead of the well-marked one.

I’ve chosen the unknown, and know now that NOT knowing is somewhat freeing, gratifying and releasing. 

I, for one, stand amazed.


I don’t know what’s next.  Tomorrow.  Next Week.  Next Year.

I could be back in the corporate world.  I could be slinging burgers.  I could be rich – I could be poor.  I could be healthy – I could be sick.  I could be up – I could be down.

I don’t know those details.  I do know that where I am and what I do will be by His Hand, and for His Glory.



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(the words at the top are from Galatians 5:25 – the Message version)

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Stitched Bits and a 60 cent bag of scraps

I created this ‘stitched bit’ almost two years ago when I began my artistic journey:


I still love looking at it – something in me connects with fabric…!

So, I thought maybe it was time to create another one, and I created one this week:


Just bits of nothing really, and yet oddly calming and quieting to work on.  As I arrange and then re-arrange the ‘bits’ I find myself transported to places of ‘nowhere’.  Everywhere but nowhere.

Thinking about lots of things, but thinking about nothing.

Dreaming many dreams but dreaming of nothing.

Odd.  Calming.  Restoring.


On one of my jaunts through a thrift store I happened upon a bread bag of scraps in Christmas colors – reds / greens / prints….all obviously cast-off and cut-offs from Christmas Crafts Past and it was ONLY 60 CENTS, so I rescued it from the thrift store and sat down to create something….I added a few buttons, and it slowly started to take shape:


The colors seemed to dictate a Christmas theme, and so I just stayed with that:


kept finding bits….putting them together in interesting combinations:


and I emerged with this:



I included loops on the top and hung it from a rod I had….still haven’t pressed it but I stitched a back to it and I guess I will call it freehand-textile-art….!

From something that someone else considered garbage, or a waste, something (somewhat!) beautiful was able to be created…..isn’t that a great metaphor for our lives?  How many of us live thinking or feeling that all we’ve got left is the garbage, the waste…how much good do we actually have left to offer the world?

How many of us think that what we have to give is worth nothing, or maybe only 60 cents….

Maybe the magic isn’t in our offering.  Maybe the magic is in allowing someone with greater vision and creativity the opportunity to form something beautiful out of it.

I’m just sayin’.


All this stitching reminds me of some work my friend Julie has done….work completely done with fabric: 




hmmm…maybe I’ll have to keep exploring!


Here is someone else exploring their love of fabric through stitched bits.

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Overcoming Perfection


The need to be ‘perfect’.

What the heck drives that anyways?

Comparison?  So you can do _______ as good as ______ can?

Ego?  So you can ‘be the best’?

Competition?  So that dad/mom/teacher will ‘like’ you more?

Self-Worth?  If I can’t _________ then I must not be ____________.

Are there things in your life you are waiting to do because you can’t do them ‘perfectly’?  Are you holding back on passions stirring within you because you think your current efforts won’t propel you to the top?

There is no doubt that we squash our own talents and God-given abilities for many reasons, but our fear of not being good enough probably ranks pretty highly up there….why put out any effort if it doesn’t have an appreciable reward, right?



As I sit in my studio, cutting without a plan; creating without a clear vision, I spend a whole-lotta-time critiquing my own work….is this even good enough to show anyone? 

What actual use will this _________ have anyways? 

 Who would want to use it / display it?

I’ve been pondering lately how this is a metaphor for so many things in our life. 

To how many things do we say :

“I’m not going to _______________ until I _______________.”

“I can’t ____________ because I don’t __________________.”

“There’s no point in me ___________________ because ______________is better at it anyways”

See yourself in any of those statements?….

If you do, here’s a new truth to say to yourself in it’s place.

“I’m going to start by ____________________.  Today is only one small part in where this journey will lead.  I don’t know what the end of this road looks like, but I have today.  I have the creativity to dream, I have the heart to love, I have the hands to create, and the body to move, TODAY.”

Comment anonymously if you’d like but I’d love to hear what things you have been holding back on doing…..

…cooking?…painting?…singing? …. dancing?  …getting your driver’s license?

…teaching your kids to ______________?….exercising?…..writing?

….starting a business? …..writing a book?  …..just getting out of bed today?

I’d love to encourage you if you see any of yourself in this post.  Let’s move along this trail together…let’s bust down some fake fences that we’ve called PERFECTION and move forward!


Trust me, if I was ruled by perfection, I'd never create anything!

Trust me, if I was ruled by perfection, I'd never create anything!

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…not alot of words, just photos of recent work!

I cut up an old leather jacket that didn’t sell on etsy, and got lots of great leather pieces….this was just something quick:  THE CUFF:

(I had to try out my two snap putter-onner-tool-thingys that I got at a garage sale for FREE.  yup, FREE  along with a couple of quilting square / triangle measurey things, and elastic and binding and I figure it was about a $70 haul FO FREE…!!!)



 HBI has been spending time in the studio with me….using the sewing machine, making what he plans to be ‘flags’.  The top one has already been modified and is hanging on the studio wall with a chain attached to it.  “Mom, I like it MUCH better with the chain.”   I’ll have to get a picture of it….




I’m encouraging him to look at texture and patterns and find interesting combinations.

This next one is a little stroller quilt I made for my friend Kahla.  It is made out of men’s dress shirts for her new little baby boy!  I left one shirt pocket on so there is a place to put his pacifier…!


oh man…I have like 4 other things on the go out there…just haven’t photographed them….I’m sticking mostly with fabric it seems, but this little project only took a few minutes…:

Remember way back last year I started to get a love on for those covered cheese trays?  Well I did find one this year for the love-of-a-quarter ( didn’t even bargain!)


…started up with a bit o black paint I had kicking around:


and ended up here:


Perfect for my artistic philosophy:

Projects should #1) take less than an hour, #2) take no appreciable skill to complete  #3) that I don’t have to measure or follow a pattern to do, and #4) that I don’t have to spend any $$ on….

Here’s just a sneak peek at something currently on my table:


Just a quickie…

This one was alot of fun to do!

If you have two t-shirts, scissors and a needle and thread you can do it in an evening or less!


I started by cutting a strip off the bottom of a purple t-shirt….it was a HUGE t-shirt…not even sure why we have it, but that’s the blessing of a scrap bin I guess.  If your standard t-shirt is not wide enough to make a decent length scarf you could always stitch two pieces together.

The flowers are the simplest thing EVER!  I just cut some random size circles out of both colors, and started to play with them.  If you pinch from the middle of the circle, you will see a flower shape emerge quite easily.  I just used my needle and thread to hold the folds in place and stitched them on.

A few fringes at the bottom et voila! 

I see a few more of these in my future….!


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