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Welcome to Winterpeg Manitoba!

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 Here’s a bit of fun for you. Leave in my comments how many time “Tommy” appears in my photographs….he’s my dog.  All winning entries will be entered to win my two funky stockings that are featured further down. I’m leaving it open until Saturday Dec 22)

If you were to drive down my country driveway this is what you’d see…


You might see this…


It’s the first year I decorated outside the house.


I’m pretty tight with a dollar so those triangle things are actually tomatoe cages with garland wrapped around them. I think I got the wreath at a garage sale for about a dollar.  Those two square things that the ‘trees’ are on are RECLAIMED chimney bricks with some stainless steel bins we got from a building demolition.  I use them to hold our recycling.

Oh…this is what SNOW looks like.


After painting the door red this year, I thought I needed to doll things up a little, so a trip to my nearest Dollarama and I came up with a couple of goodies to flank the door.

boo11.jpg      boo10.jpg

As soon as you walk in, you’ll find this not-so-traditional wreath.


It was actually some beady thing that I bought at a garage sale for 25 cents. I bent a drycleaning hanger into a circle and wrapped those beady things and voila! (that’s french for, “I don’t like to spend money on something I can perfectly well create by myself”)


That same blue feature wall is bedecked with some other Christmas finery. Amazing what a fish bowl (garage sale for 10 cents) and some vintage ornaments (garage sale 25 cents) will do! That cute little snowman was a find at my local “Bibles for Missions” thrift shop for 3 dollars.

I’d like to brag about that great Christmas centerpiece and how cheap it was, but it is actually a window display from a lingerie store that I managed (oh, man there are stories to tell there…) and I did have to pay some pretty good money for it. It still haunts me to this day.

After I cleaned all our crap out of the way so I could take this photograph, You will see that across the dining room we have my Mom’s antique sideboard with just a little bit of Christmas.


Barb inspired my Santa stars (just don’t look to closely at mine…they are about 1/8th as nice as Barb’s), a coupla a tea light holders in red and green and we are good to go! The light from the candles sparkles very nicely off the back mirror.

My bloggy friend Amanda inspired me last year to always think about putting “Christmas” into every corner of your home.


So, right from the local Value Village ( $1.99 I think), I stuffed some fake poinsetta’s into a vintage pot and voila! (that’s french for, yes, the toilet paper roll is usually empty).

Having had so much fun sewing this year, I couldn’t resist buying some scraps of fabric from the local Mennonite Central Committee thrift shop and sewing up a coupla funky little stockings for the end of the hall.

      boo4.jpg     boo3.jpg

And here it is…the end of our tour…the living room…..and my tree.


We don’t have a chimney so we have had to convince HBI that Santa comes through the front door…(either that or he comes out of the TV…but then he “might get electrocuted”, so we had to stay with the front door idea). Oh, and if you like that solid maple wall unit,  don’t start thinking that I actually spent money on something….I paid $12.50 for it.


My tree was a $10 garage sale find and we’ve had it for probably 12 years. Every year, I pine (teehee, oh that’s a groaner) over the beautiful trees in the shops. I think, it’s WORTH it for me to spend $200 on a nice tree isn’t it? Then I remember that one day I too, will be dead and it won’t have mattered to anyone what kind of tree I had, or how messy the corners of my house sometimes get.

What matters is time with my son baking memories and filling the tree with his handmade creations.


That, and my candy-cane striped socks. Must have the socks.


Thanks for coming! Be blessed this Christmas with the hope that this life is not our final destination (thank goodness!), you won’t be taking your stuff with you, so spend your money on things that matter!           

p.s.Did you remember to look for Tommy?

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