I am thinking I’ll take one post per week and share some of the fab finds that I pick up….I’m always scouring for things and even I am amazed at some of the things I find.

Take for instance this:


Can I get a woweeeeeeeee????  This is a fine vintage leather bomber jacket!  See all details here.

Then, just a mere few moments later, I stumbled on these:


So 80’s, so UNWORN, so great!  See all details here.

Oh how I wish I could get paid to just scrounge through junk all day….something makes me very happy about finding things that someone else has thought was trash, was no good, was finished.  I enjoy the feeling of helping these things resurface to find other people who are willing to think outside of the Mass-produced-big-box mindset and live on the creative /dare to be different side.

Why do I do what I do?  Read This.

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Cleaning, Cleaning, Cleaning

It’s been that kind of week.

Cleaning out the corners, getting rid of all things…putting some up for sale.

Don’t miss these over at etsy….

Majolica Lettuce Platter: SOLD WITHIN 3 HOURS OF LISTING!!!

Lady Patricia by Hammersley

I also dug out some more vintage kicks:
Check out these 80’s suede rocker glam pirate boots!!
and this very funny hat….only funny because when I took the picture, I thought to myself….”self, that sure looks alot like DAD !!!! ”  My sister will probably pee herself when she sees this…!

New items up on Etsy!

I had a bit of time this week to start pulling out some of my forgotten treasures and get them listed on Etsy.


The stamp is now SOLD!!!

Plus I lowered a bunch of my prices – I want to clear a bunch of stuff out so that I can list more!  Take a peek!

The beets and beans are out – doing lots of blanching / pickling etc.  I’ll post some photos of that soon!

Calling all aLTeReD aRtIsTs

I think I might be legit!  I sold my first piece of altered art.

Remember this post?


I took alot of photos this week (that are still in my camera) and just haven’t had a spare minute to try to get them out and write something….HBI is trying to read 100 books before the end of the school year, so that means we use up alot of our free time reading…which is not a bad thing!

I posted these on my etsy this week.    If you are an altered / mixed media / collage / assemblage kind of artist, you might be interested….if not in these specifically, let me know….we still have buildings full of stuff I can pull out


I’ve got everything from keys to doorknobs, postcards to vintage magazines, silverware to nuts and bolts.   If you like to use a particular type of item, let me know what it is and I’ll see what I can pull together!




I’ve failed already!

When I wrote this,  I had every intention on purchasing less stuff, and if I had to buy something, as in a gift or something, that I would try to buy handmade…

Well….a business trip to Atlanta last week saw me purchasing over $50.00 in the Atlanta Aquarium Gift Shop…ugh!  My intentions were good….I bought the boy a few things, something for hubby and a gift or two for upcoming occasions.

I think I made good purchases overall and got good value for my money, but I felt like I let myself down…..none of us need more stuff.

Very busy creating last week….

…in fact..it’s already Wednesday and I’m just getting around to my weekly post now….whew – here goes.

I had an absolute tragedy occur early last week….my sewing machine stopped working. It stopped picking up the bottom thread….grrr…So I went a few days without it and then got back to trying to figure the thing out. Turns out, I had the needle in backwards. Who knew something that simple could throw the whole thing out of whack? Anyhew…it forced me to come up with other things to create..

First I went ‘shopping’ in hubby’s junk and came up with parts from two clip-on earrings that were missing the clips. Quick as a wink, I wired them up to some earring hooks and now have some ultra-glam earrings!



Next, I spotted a couple of typewriter keys that we were going to sell on ebay, but the typewriter doesn’t want to let go of the keys so easily, so we have to saw each arm off individually…and you can imagine how that little project has come to a grinding halt, so I pilfered a few keys, glued them to a brooch thingy and there you have it….a neat little pin!


Next, we found a Knit Magic machine from the 70’s….in one evening we ended up with a tube about 4 feet long…now what do you do with it??? Any ideas???


We just sewed off the ends and it’s become a small, but nicely sized scarf for HBI!


This is vintage awesomeness at it’s best. Look at the fabric swatch ( cotton I think ) and how I found the perfect pin/brooch to go with it !!! Now, what do I make of it? It will probably become a bag of some sort…



Still in my ‘no-sew’ slump, I had this great t-shirt that had a saying on the front and on the back, so I slipped them into a coupla embroidery hooks and I think it’s some pretty nice wall art!


Lots of fabrics could be made into ‘art’ this way….I have a vision for a whole wall of vintage inspired prints in a rad polka-dot pattern….but that is for another week and of course when I find a stash of embroidery hoops for next to nothing!**

Then, I still had the sweater arms from my earlier ‘repurposing of a sweater into a pillow’ project….so I cut off one of the cuffs, glued it around a tuna can…stitched up a little ball full of scraps for the center, and I have a new pin-cushion!


I’ve been looking at a lot of altered art. I have so many bits and pieces lying around the shop that I should be able to create mounds of ‘art’. I still like pretty tho’….I like things that will have a use and a purpose. I took a vintage postcard, a french-ivory frame (that we have listed like 3 times on ebay and never sold, so I don’t feel bad for defacing it a little)…some words that I cut out of a fairy tale book…and a clip-on brooch. I’m quite happy with this little beauty….it’s pretty sweet.


The rest of the week, I spent working on a very special event. On February 9th, I become older than my Mother. She lived to 37 years, 38 weeks and 4 days. On February 9th, I will have passed that by one day….so to commemorate that, I’ve been working on a little party for her best friends and sisters. Just a little time in the afternoon to get together and talk about the way she influenced our lives. I was just about 13 when she died, so that is nearly 25 years ago….hard to believe, but it will be nice to be in a room with so many women who meant so much to her…!

I’ve worked on the tablescape…


I’ve put together some bookmarks for everyone to take home….


I’ve put together some packages of seeds for everyone to take home, plant and then in turn, give those flowers away. The idea here is that she planted many things into our lives and it would make her so happy to know that she is continuing to bless people, even 25 years later…


There will be photos up next week of the actual display and event.

Happy Creating!!….now if only I could find something creative for supper tonight…!

The week Creative – Jan 13-19

I’ve been toying with some mixed media this week…simply because it seems to be the perfect creative outlet for a ‘garbage artist’. I found out that’s what I could be called.

It seems as though there is a whole movement of Garbage Artists…some who dumpster-dive, some who scrounge scrapyards and garbage dumps, and others who are constantly looking at what someone else is throwing away and says…”can I have that?”. While I’ve been known to dumpster-dive a time or two in my life, my thrill comes from ‘redeeming’ something that someone else was going to throw away….

..and with that, I present this week’s creative endeavors…

First I cut up a cheerios box and made a bunch of little tags, and painted both sides of them with some acrylic paints we bought with a bunch of other junk, and have stored for 5 years, at an auction.What to do. What to do.

I created this cutesy little tag? ornament? hangy thing?…. (it’s a rhinestone earring hanging from the bottom)

spirit1.jpg   spirit2.jpg

Then, I took a tuna can, and a vintage magazine, cut a fuzzy red heart and went diving through my own stash and found this great keychain to add on….aww..how sweet.

fever1.jpg     fever2.jpg

Now what do I do with it? another hangy thing.

I am ashamed to even show this messed up creation, but again, it’s all about the process right…? I’m still going to work on it, but my canvas was the cheerios box, again painted with acrylic paint. Then I started looking through vintage mags and postcards. I think it might have a theme and I will probably keep embellishing it to see where it goes….


Here’s a Christmas themed thing that was inspired by a vintage postcard. I think I will add two gromments and wait until I find some nice ribbon so I can hang it.


This little sweet thing started out as a spoon. I added a photograph…a doily…a brooch and more cheerios box cutouts in the shape of wings , and voila. A what the ?? I have no idea…would you hang it? would you stick it in a potted plant? Not sure.


I struggle with this one a little because within my vision of Garbage Art, (who knew I had a vision about this crap, er I mean art form) I think I should only use items that the average Joe or Jane could find while thrifting. I don’t think the glitter counts in that. That is something that most people think they would have to go buy. I guess I should say that I found scads of glitter at a garage sale ( I think the nice old lady was previously a Sunday School teacher or something). So, within the confines of my art, it was not a deviation…however, I may find another pair of wings that inspire.


And here is the first REPURP. I think that is cute little name for snuggly creatures made out of old sweaters. And stuffed with scraps of who-knows-what. Nothing purchased here. That’s the key.


He has been tagged with alphabet beads…I think it’s nice to identify them..

And just so I don’t forget who I am , I made this….man do I need a good pedicure.


That should be it for this week. I am dedicating the rest of my time to some writing and that is something that likely won’t appear here, at least for awhile.

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