What’s been going on….

I can’t believe it’s been over a month since I’ve been on here – wow!

Thanks for the link-love that you’ve been sending this way – we’re still clocking in between 30 and 140 readers a day….I find that absolutely incredible and humbling, but I’m glad you find enough here that draws you back.

I’m sure the blogging break was for a good purpose and alot has been stirred up for me this month.

This post has little to do with REPURPOSING things, but more on the REPURPOSED life I find myself living.

*** ready, go ***

october calendar

When we look back in the news, history will tell the tale of panic, confusion and many more unseemly things in the month of Oct 2009.  The whole H1N1 kerfluffle has opened up a new passion in me.  That passion is to wake people up to what is going on in our world…

I’m not a nut, and this is not going to be a post about the deep, dark, evils that are lurking.,  However it is going to be a post designed to get you thinking, and quite possibly taking some action.


Whatever side of the spectrum that you fall on when it comes to the vaccination, this post is not intended to open up a debate for one side or the other.  It is however, designed to let you know that YOU DO HAVE A CHOICE.

I don’t want anyone reading this post to feel bad / guilty / righteous over any choice they have made regarding this issue, so please if you are finding yourself in any of those positions, take yourself out of them..finish reading this with an open mind….

For many years now, we have been slowly giving up our rights to make decisions for our own bodies, and those of our children. At the slightest cough or fever, we have started not to trust our own intuitions and rushed to the doctor’s office, taking each and every suggestion the Doctor has made as gospel for us….this has created FEAR in us, and a lack of understanding of how our bodies were created.

We abuse our bodies at every turn and every meal, and then wonder where degenerative  diseases / auto-immune diseases are coming from.  We rush to our doctor’s and pop whatever pills they prescribe and keep living our self-destructive lives.

We are so busy moving our families from place to place that we rarely take the time to decipher the things our bodies are telling us.  We accept things like acne, allergies, and constipation as normal and never take a minute to try and connect the dots.

It is unfortunate that our cutting edge medical system is now built on a system of profit motivation.  It only makes sense to get us numbed to our own bodies and signals…the more drugs they can pump out, the more their stock goes up, our investment portfolios grow and everybody’s happy, right?

Not so!


It’s time to slow down.

It’s time to connect some dots and make some changes which will result in our bodies coming into the balance they were created for.

That is a long road…we are so conditioned to being followers that it is hard, very hard to buck the trend and to simply start the process by saying NO.

The NO doesn’t have to be concrete.  It doesn’t have to be the end.  It actually signals the beginning because until we can say YES with conviction to back it up, we must say NO.

We have to take responsibility for our own health, our own bodies, and our families.  We have to stop giving up and bowing down to the modern medical system.  Now whoa Nellie…I am not saying the entire system is broken and I am extremely grateful for so many parts of our medical system that have the resources and abilities to save so many lives…..I’m just calling for a new balance.  One that looks at the front end, one that says our bodies are fearfully and wonderfully made and that works to support our natural healing abilities that start with BETTER CHOICES.

I’ve always said that if I had enough time and money I’d become a Naturopathic Doctor….well that hasn’t happened yet, but I do alot of reading and research on dietary nutrition and natural remedies….not enough to make me an expert, but enough to know that there are alternatives….

There are some very good voices out there – people educated in the medical system who can see the better way….working tirelessly for a new system…a system that stops long enough to consider the health that can be achieved without a reliance on manufactured drugs.   I support these workers- especially those who don’t put down the current system with absolutes – who call for a better balance – a stopping of the drug company controlled system, and a return to a holistic philosophy.  I will feature articles and links from some of these people.

I think that some of my future posts might revolve around things that I find interesting, so if you are here for the ‘crafting / artistry’ side of REPURPOSING you might get bored…..but if you have any sense that this is something you need to pay attention to, I invite you along for the ride!



I had a comment asking about my No Poo Experiment, so I thought I would update y’all.

I received the question yesterday, so maybe it’s no co-incidence that it was the day BEFORE yesterday that I shampooed….(gasp!)  In the interest of keepin’-it-real, I knew I’d have to update my blog post anyway.

Two things happened…

#1 – the static is driving me CRAZY.

My hair is too long right now anyways, and even with shampoo and conditioner, when it is -40 with windchill, my hair will always be static-y.   For a few days, I had been considering using some products ‘just to see’, but I really knew that it would be the same, no matter what, so I resisted my urge to go mainstream with products again.

#2 – I colored my hair.

I do not know of any good options to do this, other than to go completely grey, and I’m just not ready for that….so I colored.


After 4 or 5 days, my hair/head just continued to STINK.  I could smell hair color every time I moved my head…and it wasn’t just the ‘freshly colored’ smell, it was kind of taking on the odor of ‘cradle cap’, if you’ve ever had a baby with that…..I really felt like I needed to do something.

Unfortunately, it is the week before Christmas, and I just don’t have time to research all my holistic options…and I will!….so I pulled out my Garnier Fructis and lathered up.

The second day, my hair/head stinks less, but it’s still there….I think I’ll shampoo once more, but then I’ll get right back to the Baking Soda / Apple Cider vinegar and keep going…

…and I was right…the static is just as bad even with shampoo and conditioner.  Fine hair like mine just can’t handle this dry air…..a haircut might help.

Any other suggestions?


What Works for Me Wednesday

Shannon over at Rocks in my Dryer hosts What Works for Me Wednesdays.  Be sure to hop over there and see what other people are up to.


My post is quick and simple this week:


Trying to get off of coffee?  I found BAMBU at my local health food store.  It’s a pretty good coffee subsitute, and some days I’ll add some cocoa for a little something extra.  I’ve also mostly transitioned to STEVIA instead of sugar, and that my friends is what works for me!

What Works for Me – Wednesday

Every Wednesday, Shannon at ‘Rocks in my Dryer’ hosts a blogging carnival where anyone who wants to join in can leave a tip or helpful hint for everyone else.  This is the first time I’ve participated!

My tip for this week involves Laundry Softener / Dryer Sheets.  I’ve not liked the perfuminess of bounce for some time, and I hate how expensive dryer sheets of any kind are.  For a long time, I was tearing my Costco sheets in half and that seemed to still work pretty well.

I found this ‘greener’ brand at the Drug Store and I hate it….

softener1 softener2

….I think I might try to exercise their Product Guarantee, but they likely won’t honor it without a receipt, and really, who keeps the receipts for those sorts of things??  I’ll probably try anyways…maybe they’ll let me trade even up on something else.

However, in my quest for all things greener, I decided to try one of the ‘recipes’ out there for homemade fabric softener.  So here is what I tried last week for the first time:


It was easy now that I have all that old hair conditioner sitting around!

I taped the ‘recipe’ right onto the top of the pail so I don’t have to go looking for it.


It seemed to work fairly well on the umpteen loads of laundry that I processed last week.  One or two sticky socks but I was mildly amused and pleased with the outcome.

Anyhew, that’s what is workin’ for me!

Taking the No-Poo challenge…

Well, it’s been about two weeks on the No Poo experiment.

For someone who has very fine hair, but LOTS of it, it took me some convincing that I wouldn’t be dealing with a flat droopy mess every morning.

Other than a bit of static (which is normal this time of year anyways..) I’d have to say that it seems to be working!  I haven’t washed my hair since yesterday ( with water….) at the gym and it’s still going strong with body and bounce…(ugh, ignore the end of day face y’all…)


I would never have that much body and bounce on a regular routine….

I haven’t had to fight too many heeby jeeby moments…it helps that I can just put my hair up….but I figure I’ll keep going a week or two more, just to find out where my hair normalizes.

Why go No-Poo?

I figure it this way…..somebody, somewhere said we need to spend money (and MORE money) on our hair.  What did people’s hair look like when they were only washing it once per week (or less) and using homemade lye soap ( or nothing)?  Sure..maybe hairstyles were different, but nonetheless, there is a lie out there that says all our solutions have to come from the next PRODUCT.  I’m just on a quest to knock down which of those lies I can…to see how things can be done differently.

Honestly, I can afford the shampoo.  That’s not really the point.

The point is…what have we been led to believe that isn’t necessarily true?

What can we do differently and be just as happy doing?  What lies out there are stealing our money, our time, our focus from better things?

I know one thing for sure.  My body does not need to be absorbing any more chemicals than necessary…

I’ve already switched to a crystal deodorant about two years ago.  It’s not normal either, and you have to get used to it, but I feel so much better knowing that I’m not loading my body full of toxins…

It’s all a part of the repurposing of me.

EDIT:  Here is two days later – still going strong…


update:  two weeks later.…here’s a morning shot. (Nov 27)  Why does my son not think it’s wierd when I ask him to take a picture of me to update my blog at 8 in the morning while still in my pjs?….as captured by an 8-year-old…!


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