Stitched Bits and a 60 cent bag of scraps

I created this ‘stitched bit’ almost two years ago when I began my artistic journey:


I still love looking at it – something in me connects with fabric…!

So, I thought maybe it was time to create another one, and I created one this week:


Just bits of nothing really, and yet oddly calming and quieting to work on.  As I arrange and then re-arrange the ‘bits’ I find myself transported to places of ‘nowhere’.  Everywhere but nowhere.

Thinking about lots of things, but thinking about nothing.

Dreaming many dreams but dreaming of nothing.

Odd.  Calming.  Restoring.


On one of my jaunts through a thrift store I happened upon a bread bag of scraps in Christmas colors – reds / greens / prints….all obviously cast-off and cut-offs from Christmas Crafts Past and it was ONLY 60 CENTS, so I rescued it from the thrift store and sat down to create something….I added a few buttons, and it slowly started to take shape:


The colors seemed to dictate a Christmas theme, and so I just stayed with that:


kept finding bits….putting them together in interesting combinations:


and I emerged with this:



I included loops on the top and hung it from a rod I had….still haven’t pressed it but I stitched a back to it and I guess I will call it freehand-textile-art….!

From something that someone else considered garbage, or a waste, something (somewhat!) beautiful was able to be created…..isn’t that a great metaphor for our lives?  How many of us live thinking or feeling that all we’ve got left is the garbage, the waste…how much good do we actually have left to offer the world?

How many of us think that what we have to give is worth nothing, or maybe only 60 cents….

Maybe the magic isn’t in our offering.  Maybe the magic is in allowing someone with greater vision and creativity the opportunity to form something beautiful out of it.

I’m just sayin’.


All this stitching reminds me of some work my friend Julie has done….work completely done with fabric: 




hmmm…maybe I’ll have to keep exploring!


Here is someone else exploring their love of fabric through stitched bits.

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Upcycled Travel Bag

I’d been seeing these things around the blogosphere, so I thought I had to try my hand at modifying an old travel bag.

This one was an off white color, made by Samsonite, and in quite good condition.

A few strokes of my Sharpie, and I think I might travel in style the next time I board a plane!




I didn’t take any before photos, but basically I added the free-hand tree drawing plus the black stripe.

Have some fun looking at some other possibilities here!  Look through their whole shop – it’s pretty fun!



If Money were no Object…..


what would you do???….just another way of asking “What’s your dream?”

What would you do if money were no object and you didn’t have to ‘work a day job’ to pay the bills?

I’m writing mine up and will be sharing it in the next little while…in the meantime….put your dream into a couple of short sentences and leave it in the comments.


Spoon Love….


So I bought a new dress for my sister’s wedding and now of course, I need jewelery to go with it.  But…that means buying more at retail and you know how that makes my skin crawl….so…I headed to the studio to start ‘creating’.

I ended up with this piece that I love, but it’s not quite right for the wedding, so I will have to keep at that…who knows what else I will come up with!



It is really shiny so it was hard to photograph, but it basically is a flattened silver spoon ( not stainless steel…) a vintage rhinestone necklace clasp and an old skeleton key.

Right now the key is on there with a key ring ( how predictable, I know..!) and I do want to replace that with something more delicate but I will have to scrounge around to find something else first…oh sure, I could just go to Michael’s Crafts but that would be RETAIL people….not my bag!

Oh and yes…that is GREEN wire.  I couldn’t find any silver wire, so I just used the green wire we had for my sister’s wedding dress flowers….quirky, but perfect…!

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Memory Quilt…..

Let me just say right up front, I am not a quilter…never done it, never thought I would explore it….but….last week while at the thrift store, some donations came in from someone’s mother who had recently passed.  I know the daughter as an aquaintance and I was overcome with a thought as I saw all those clothes.

It just seemed like there was SOMETHING that could be done to ease her grieving, at least just a little….so I rummaged through, and pulled out some items and got busy that evening.

Once I had started, I realized that there was still a very strong lingering of her mother’s perfume on these items, and so I told myself I needed to work really fast so that I could present it, with the scent of her mother still ‘alive’ on it.  So…I was up until midnight…cutting, pressing, sewing….and I came up with just a small little lap quilt, or, as I’ve shown here, a neat little roll pillow….

It was just one small thing, that I could do…..




Repurposing while on Vaca….

..who knows how many crafty little things I will come up with while on vaca….idle hands ‘n’ all….I think I’m just making up for the past few months of nothingness.

Here is another installment of a little girl’s dress made from a  vintage sheet….such a sweet pattern!


Then I had some time on my hands and had seen examples of these floating around the blogosphere….so I thought I had to try my hand at it.  I used a very thick marker, so next time, and there will be a next time…(!), I will use a much thinner marker tip….maybe I’ll include a tutorial too!



I played with it in Photoshop and like this one nearly as much!


woohoo…..repurposing again!!!!

Finally, I’ve stolen away some time to get into my studio and run with scissors again.

Here is just a fast project inspired by a vintage pillowcase I picked up for a quarter…as in 25 cents….

It’s called a pillowcase dress and little girls everywhere are staying cool this summer in them.  I made this for my little friend Summer and I’m going to give it to her tomorrow…..if I remember I’ll get a picture of her wearing it…that is of course, if her two-ness will put it on….you never know at that age…!


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