Running with Scissors…

…just a few of the things I’ve been toying with, in between renovations, life, working, volunteering and everything else…

I needed a laptop sleeve, so I pulled out an old sweater and made a cozy….while I was at it, made a matching sock for my iphone.

Then I pulled out an old jacket and made a travelling pack for my phone…

And #1 son loves skateboarding brands but Mom and Dad are not so thrilled about the price tags on those things, so we decided to make one of our own using REVERSE APPLIQUE.  What a fun thing to do – I am sure we will be making more things using this technique….here’s how it works:

Using an embroidery hoop, we traced out the design we wanted to use using a washable marker:


Then we cut out a circle of what we wanted our background fabric to be, and stitched around the logo…(next time I will not choose one quite so took too much thinking!)

Then we started thinking about which parts we wanted to keep and started cutting away the parts we didn’t:

tada….!  It looks even better now that it has been washed and the edges got a little ratty….not bad for a thrifted $1.49 t-shirt!


Today I did some cleaning in the studio, and it doesn’t usually take long in there for me to get creatively inspired…..I’ve been looking at Anthropologie’s site and think that I can do a whole lot better for a whole lot cheaper!

Check out my repurposed Doily Bib necklaces!

You can see more photos at

Made using a vintage Ten Commandments Charm Bracelet - see more photos at


3 Responses to “Running with Scissors…”

  1. Mom Says:

    good job. I am sure HBI loves the shirt and I really like the bib necklace. Good use of imagination. Just a hint. Next time you do a design like for the shirt, drop the feed dogs, don’t drop the pressure foot the whole way and then just free hand the embroidery. Much quicker and a whole lot less thinking needed. Just a hint, though….

    • repurposed Says:

      I’ve tried that….not sure if it me or the machine that doesn’t work that way….maybe you can try to show me next time you are here.

  2. Jacqui MacNeill (Escents Aromatherapy Bath and Body) Says:

    I especially liked the laptop sleeves and carriers. What a great way to repurpose old clothes! Upcycling is a great practice for the environment. Glad to see blogs like yours encouraging it! 🙂

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