The Winds of change….


…I’ve been harboring this post for a coupla weeks, not quite sure when to pull the trigger, but I think it’s right about now….

I’ve felt for awhile that I needed to take a break from my REPURPOSED ITEMS blogging. It has started to feel like I NEED to keep my daily regular readers happy and churn out something for them to see. Don’t get me wrong…I am THRILLED when you comment, or email me but I’m just not ‘tracking with it’ right now.

For me, the time I spend REPURPOSING any item or playing in my studio has absolutely nothing to do with the final product….it has EVERYTHING to do with what is happening in my own soul as I learn to create something from nothing…as I learn to “do” something that intrinsically has NO VALUE, and is adding nothing to my productivity driven self….THAT to me is the draw, is the life-giving energy that I get from it….

I’ve spent so much time in my life doing things that had a visible purpose, that I’m enjoying and learning from the ‘nothingness’ of my studio time. I need to protect that and the learnings that are coming from it.

I’ll still post some fun things on my Facebook Fan Page, but it will probably be more sporadic, and showcase what others are doing instead of me….just so you know…..


(not mine…just some creative inspiration…)


One Response to “The Winds of change….”

  1. Mom Says:

    You just do what is best for you. We, who look forward to your writings and musings, will just wait until you have something to share. Life is a journey and you are on yours. I sometimes live vicariously through your adventures as I have enjoyed watching you as you discover this ‘other’ side of you. See you soon,

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