Overcoming Perfection


The need to be ‘perfect’.

What the heck drives that anyways?

Comparison?  So you can do _______ as good as ______ can?

Ego?  So you can ‘be the best’?

Competition?  So that dad/mom/teacher will ‘like’ you more?

Self-Worth?  If I can’t _________ then I must not be ____________.

Are there things in your life you are waiting to do because you can’t do them ‘perfectly’?  Are you holding back on passions stirring within you because you think your current efforts won’t propel you to the top?

There is no doubt that we squash our own talents and God-given abilities for many reasons, but our fear of not being good enough probably ranks pretty highly up there….why put out any effort if it doesn’t have an appreciable reward, right?



As I sit in my studio, cutting without a plan; creating without a clear vision, I spend a whole-lotta-time critiquing my own work….is this even good enough to show anyone? 

What actual use will this _________ have anyways? 

 Who would want to use it / display it?

I’ve been pondering lately how this is a metaphor for so many things in our life. 

To how many things do we say :

“I’m not going to _______________ until I _______________.”

“I can’t ____________ because I don’t __________________.”

“There’s no point in me ___________________ because ______________is better at it anyways”

See yourself in any of those statements?….

If you do, here’s a new truth to say to yourself in it’s place.

“I’m going to start by ____________________.  Today is only one small part in where this journey will lead.  I don’t know what the end of this road looks like, but I have today.  I have the creativity to dream, I have the heart to love, I have the hands to create, and the body to move, TODAY.”

Comment anonymously if you’d like but I’d love to hear what things you have been holding back on doing…..

…cooking?…painting?…singing? …. dancing?  …getting your driver’s license?

…teaching your kids to ______________?….exercising?…..writing?

….starting a business? …..writing a book?  …..just getting out of bed today?

I’d love to encourage you if you see any of yourself in this post.  Let’s move along this trail together…let’s bust down some fake fences that we’ve called PERFECTION and move forward!


Trust me, if I was ruled by perfection, I'd never create anything!

Trust me, if I was ruled by perfection, I'd never create anything!

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3 Responses to “Overcoming Perfection”

  1. Mom Says:

    I have certainly been in some of those places you mentioned. We can’t have any one over because the dining room isn’t finished. I can’t that, Ignore that, etc. However, I think I have made some changes in that regard. I realized that my dining room didn’t have to be finished to have a dinner party. In fact, I had the best one when there was no light fixture (get out every candle holder and candle you have), the walls were only vapour barriered, there was no flooring, etc. But because the candlelight was so soft, and we had so much fun, no one noticed the unfinished room. I know it sounds kind of silly and unimportant, but it taught me a lesson about that. Perfect is so much work and largely unattainable, so I decided I would rather enjoy my life doing things that made me happy as opposed to doing things just so others would like it/me. You are the best!!!!

  2. lori vliegen Says:

    wonderful post! i’ve spent too many moments of my life filling in those blanks to your questions instead of just living and enjoying life!! trying to be perfect just saps the energy right out of me!!

    thanks so much for visiting my blog….i loved seeing you there, and i appreciate your comment!! :))

  3. Joy Says:

    Hey, I’ve recently found you on facebook so I’ve popped in a few times, and with each post read I have found myself relating to the journey you share. After having just told my hubby so, with him replying “you should send her an e-mail”, I just kept on reading..! =] I had to stop at the words: “..I’d love to hear what you’ve been holding back on doing …painting? …getting your driver’s license? …” it became pretty apparent to me that it was time I commented! (really…getting your driver’s license…that, of all things?!) =]

    Anyways, thank you for sharing, and thank you for sharing your creative inspirations! I’m sure I’ll be back, but if in the meantime you’d like a bit more insight into how I relate to your journey, some of it’s out there in the blogsphere… (Oh yeah, and I go for my test on the 21st…=])


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