Just a quickie…

This one was alot of fun to do!

If you have two t-shirts, scissors and a needle and thread you can do it in an evening or less!


I started by cutting a strip off the bottom of a purple t-shirt….it was a HUGE t-shirt…not even sure why we have it, but that’s the blessing of a scrap bin I guess.  If your standard t-shirt is not wide enough to make a decent length scarf you could always stitch two pieces together.

The flowers are the simplest thing EVER!  I just cut some random size circles out of both colors, and started to play with them.  If you pinch from the middle of the circle, you will see a flower shape emerge quite easily.  I just used my needle and thread to hold the folds in place and stitched them on.

A few fringes at the bottom et voila! 

I see a few more of these in my future….!



3 Responses to “Just a quickie…”

  1. Mom Says:

    gorgeous, but then I am partial to purple anyway.

  2. catefneely Says:

    gotta do it! Great idea.

  3. Ecover Shows You How To Repurpose Clothes For Your Green Closet | Ecoverus Blog Says:

    […] a quickie… Repurposed has a fun post on how to make a fun, flowery scarf with nothing but a shirt (or two), scissors, a […]

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