August Challenge

so I put a challenge out there for you Facebookers to repurpose just one thing this week – did anyone catch the bug?

I sat down in my studio, determined to ‘create’ something and looked at all the scrappy bits of fabric I have lying around.  I started fiddling, and faddling, and piecing, and something started to emerge….

Who knew that QUILTING would have been one of the original uses for scrappy bits?  I never thought it would be something I could get into because of the time involved, but quite honestly because you can piece them square by square, it might just be something I could get in to! 

It totally fits my philosophy of:

1) taking less than an hour, #2) taking no appreciable skill to complete #3) be easy enough that I don’t have to measure or follow a pattern to do it, and #4) that I don’t have to spend any $$ on….

Here’s what came out:


and then this one….


and then I remembered something I had made last year:


and then I started looking at quilting PATTERNS….my oh my, you could go for years and never make the same square twice.   Anyhew…apparently the center of this is called a modified nine-patch….I just kept adding on….oh, and don’t look too carefully at my seams…by now you know how I roll….


Then I was out at the mall yesterday and I saw the cutest top with ribbon roses on it, and I thought hey!  I could do that…so I didn’t change the thread on my machine and started sewing in circles…..when I do it again, I’ll change the thread and start from the middle….I think it has the potential to be really cute….!  Anyhew…once the flower was done I needed something to put it on, so I whipped up this:


I used creative license in borrowing the phrase from Matt….I hope he doesn’t mind!

So I don’t know if anyone else was playing along, but I sure had fun this week and discovered a whole new genre to play with!


3 Responses to “August Challenge”

  1. Mom Says:

    Well done, girl. I will have to answer your challenge after the wedding. I am just too busy right now. I suppose I did some repurposing by using some dowels pieces I found when I cleaned up the sewing room. I am going to use them to put the wedding cake together. Does that count? Other than that, not much going on. Oh yeah, and the tips I was using to do the flowers for the cake are some I have had for 25 years. Still the same purpose, but didn’t have to go buy new ones.

  2. toofclnr Says:

    i just posted a blog entry last week on repurposing some things…. thanks for more inspiration!

  3. Cate Says:

    Since we aren’t Friends on Facebook, I missed this challenge, but I did create a Fabric Postcard today out of recycled plastic and fabric and machine quilted the layers together. A picture of it is posted on my blog as part of a week-long challenge to myself!

    And your patchwork reminded me of the amazing Quilts from Gee’d Bend. Do you know about that traveling exhibit?

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