Wisdom’s Packaging


Sure…I wonder some times how much to ‘put out there’ on my blog….I mean you never really know who’s reading, and even if you do know who’s reading, how much is tooo much, y’know?

But I think this little tidbit might be meant as encouragement for someone else out there, so I’m laying it on the line and sharing it, right from the heart!

Last week, I was having one of those particularly BAD days….ok, maybe like BAD hour, but whatever.  Hubby and I were just not seeing eye to eye on ANYTHING, and it didn’t matter what we said to each other, it just came out plain wrong, or was taken plain wrong, or in other cases, was MEANT to come out wrong.  It was just plain yukkiness.

So off I went to my studio, knowing that if I didn’t get my heart straight, this wasn’t going to change…..sometimes just getting out and removing myself from the situation at hand is just enough to go connect with My Source again.

After a few tears and some heartfelt prayers, I opened up a french dictionary that I picked up ( intending to cut it up and use for some assemblage pieces…) and this amazing sort of thing happened….God started talking to me right out of the pages of that dictionary.

ok, ok, before you get all wierded out, you need to know that God and I talk. 


I tend to think I ‘know’ what He sounds like, but I am always open to hearing him in new ways too.

Page after page that I opened, had something to say to me.  The way these appear is exactly as I opened them….tore them out and framed them one by one….


To Hear; To Open

and then….


To Believe, To Grow;

and then…


To Know, To Be Worth, To See;

and finally…


To Rise; To Follow;

All put together:


This may mean EXACTLY nothing to you…..but my heart needed to hear some words that day.  God was not restricted by space, by language, or by having the ‘right’ tool at his disposal….He met me, in that space, exactly then.

The catalyst is simply in the posture of our hearts.  When we open up our hearts, believing that He holds our answers, He will find a way to break through….not always visually, but we will know He’s been there.

Psalm 46:10

Let be and be still, and know (recognize and understand) that I am God.

I challenge you to find a new way to allow Him in…..you may not be used to praying, or even approaching The Creator in this way….so just start with something small….a simple “are you there?”, “can you help me with this?”, is often all we need to let the answers start coming in…..answers that bring contentment, peace, knowledge and wisdom. 

I’m so glad that He’s in the driver’s seat, not me!


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3 Responses to “Wisdom’s Packaging”

  1. cindy Says:

    wow- thanks so much for sharing, very deep and powerfull….. i just love how God works in the simplest of ways to put profound truths in our eharts….. it’s so neat to get one of those “surprises”…. God bless you deeply for sharing and on your journey!

  2. Mom Says:

    God is always talking to us, we are just not always listening. Good on ya for listening at the right time.

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