Spoon Love….


So I bought a new dress for my sister’s wedding and now of course, I need jewelery to go with it.  But…that means buying more at retail and you know how that makes my skin crawl….so…I headed to the studio to start ‘creating’.

I ended up with this piece that I love, but it’s not quite right for the wedding, so I will have to keep at that…who knows what else I will come up with!



It is really shiny so it was hard to photograph, but it basically is a flattened silver spoon ( not stainless steel…) a vintage rhinestone necklace clasp and an old skeleton key.

Right now the key is on there with a key ring ( how predictable, I know..!) and I do want to replace that with something more delicate but I will have to scrounge around to find something else first…oh sure, I could just go to Michael’s Crafts but that would be RETAIL people….not my bag!

Oh and yes…that is GREEN wire.  I couldn’t find any silver wire, so I just used the green wire we had for my sister’s wedding dress flowers….quirky, but perfect…!

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3 Responses to “Spoon Love….”

  1. Pearly Says:

    If you had a rhinestone heart, it would be perfect….

  2. Leslie Says:

    Hey, stranger! I’ve been behind on my “blog shadowing” also! Love the spoon necklace! Feel free to use that “anthem.” I got in contact with the girl who posted it on another blog and she said to freely share! I made copies of it for the kids I taught and did family group with at our student camp!

  3. a nonymous Says:

    I love the idea of using a spoon for the background of a pendant! it looks really pretty!

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