What can we learn from watching the tragedy of Michael Jackson’s life?


Judge not, lest you be judged.

Fight the battle that can’t be seen.

Fight with weapons that cannot be felt.  Believe that no weapon formed will prosper against those that seek and find.  Believe it for those who can’t believe it for themselves.


Stand for those who can’t stand.

Stand for those who don’t see the battle raging.

Stand for those who are too weak, too tired, too hurt to see it for themselves.

From our pain comes our confusion.

From our confusion comes poor decisions.

From our poor decisions comes a disability to see the Truth.

 Stand for Truth.  Above All.

 Truth can undo poor decisions.

Truth can undo confusion.

Truth can reign.

 Don’t react from the hatred that comes from holding up the mirror.

Don’t believe your own life, temptations or transgressions

to be on any higher or lower plane. 

Each one is the same, none worse than the other.

Don’t think that you’ve got it all together.

Don’t think that you can do this on your own.


 Hate the Tempter, not the tempted, nor the one who gives in.

 Look into the soul. 

The soul that was created with the same potential to love and be loved as your own. 

The soul that cries out for unity, for justice, for mercy, for one-ness.

 For from which we were all created, is ONE.

Is unity.
Is light.

Is hope.

Is peace.

Is redemption.

Is in us all, though us all, and can result in us all

Being ONE.

Be one at the crossroads, where life beckons.

Be one at the crossroads, where the battle rages.

Be one at the crossroads, where Truth reigns.

Be one at the cross.


Moving Forward.


Bringing peace.

Bringing Light to dark places, joy where there is sadness, love where there is none, mercy where there is judgement, understanding where there is confusion, bringing hope where there is nothing.

Together, as ONE, through ONE.



One Response to “What can we learn from watching the tragedy of Michael Jackson’s life?”

  1. Maureen Says:

    Magnificent! Spoken like a truly evolved soul.

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