Repurposing a Wedding Dress

We’ve been hanging onto my mom’s wedding dress, well, since forever….it has been damaged some in all of our moves, and really wasn’t in great condition.

So, when #1 sister decided to get married, we made the decision to cut it up and create some useful items out of it.

First of all, we have crafted the ring bearers’ pillow, which my son(9) will carry the rings on and hand to her stepson(15).


And then, we cut out some strips of the satin and the netting from the full skirt; added a bit of ecru lace that I scrounged up, and so far, have half a dozen ‘shabby roses’ made. 

We had thought my son(9) would carry these down the aisle as well, pausing to put three ( for three children) of them on a table where Mom’s picture will sit, and then hand the other three to my Dad…but we’re not sure about all that yet.  Not sure how that would work as he walks #1 sister down the aisle….  any ideas from blogland?




It’s been fun having the sewing machine going again….we are a long way from having my studio back up and running, but in the meantime, the dining room table does just fine…!


3 Responses to “Repurposing a Wedding Dress”

  1. mom Says:

    What a great job you guys did. I like the pillow with the colour on it. and the roses are great. What a lovely way to use your mom’s dress and it will be a little like having her there with you all. Good job….. luv ya,

  2. MichelleH Says:

    What a beautiful way to honor your mother and tradition and allow the bride to choose her own dress all at the same time. I had two thoughts about the remaining roses.

    1-after laying three roses at Mom’s photo, Son could lay the others on the altar near the Unity Candle (if there is one). After lighting the candle, Bride and Groom could hand the remaining roses to the living parents with a hug greeting the new family member. If no candle, I’m sure there’s somewhere they could rest until needed.

    2-Son could wait at the altar with the groomsmen and after Dad kisses Bride and places her hand in Groom’s, Son could step up and hand roses to Grandpa, then go sit with him

    However you choose to work it out, I think it will be a beautiful thing to add to the ceremony.

  3. Pat Says:

    We took lace appliques from my grandmother’s dress and attached them to linen handkerchiefs-something old for the granddaughters to carry on their wedding day.

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