Closing In…

Well….we are getting there…even if progress doesn’t look like much on the outside….

For all our $$$$$ this is what we got:


a bunch of construction traffic….


 some damaged stucco, a bunch of styrofoam and some of that squirty foam stuff…


A new cement thingy that is the ‘clean-out’ chute for you-know-what…


a bunch of these things sticking out of the ground and out of the house…


a few of my bulbs made it unscathed…woo hoo!!!


but the piece de resistance….10 foot ceilings and R40 walls!

oh, and a few of THESE for FREE!!!





2 Responses to “Closing In…”

  1. Carla Anne Coroy Says:

    OOOOhhhhhh… It’s come so far, but still so far to go?? Those cracks in the house must have made your tummy turn, no? Hopefully its just a mudding job?

    The basement looks great!

  2. Barbara Says:

    Once you have those crack fixed, it will be better than new. The basement looks wonderful. Who would have thought that it would finally get to this point. Too bad you couldn’t see these pictures a few weeks ago when you were getting very discouraged. Good for you guys. Have you heard yet when you can move back in? I bet you will never take running water for granted again.

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