Home sweet Home

Here’s a fast update for those wanting to keep up.

This is what is happening to our house…it is getting pretty beat up in the process….


The red tarp is covering glycol tubes that have been thawing the dirt around the house for two weeks now..


 This is how we moved everything from the house to the ‘Shop’.

We have a front entrance…


We have a kitchen /eating area….equipped with fridge, freezer, microwave, kettle, toaster oven, tabletop grill, tabletop burners and a deep fryer…


We have a sleeping / dressing area…equipped with a John Deere bedside table….


We have a computer area….


…and we have a ‘rec room’ with most of the comforts of home…


It’s been straightened up a bit since these photos were taken, but all in all, it is a livable space, and we are making-do!

So, for anyone who was worried about ‘living in the shop’ ( Pearl…..), don’t be….we have all that we need to get us through the next 4 or 6 or 12 weeks or however long it takes..!

Our wood/electric furnace is keeping it toasty in here at about 20 – 25 degrees celcius, so being cold isn’t a problem….no running water…well, THAT is the only problem, but as with everything, we have creative solutions in place for that too….

Not sure how soon I’ll be back, but I’ll try to get some photos of the house once it is on blocks and in the air…!


2 Responses to “Home sweet Home”

  1. Pearly Says:

    You’re soooooo much braver than me. I’d be in hotel by now! 😉

    Are you hosting Easter dinner this year? LOL….

  2. Brad Huebert Says:

    Huge project! WHew! Been there…

    Hey, I need to ask, did you ever get the books I sent? Sorry about not sending them initially.


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