Linking Love….more blogs to share

I’m still away from home, so here are some more links to blogs I try to read fairly often….

Carla is a childhood friend – we’ve not seen each other in over 20 years I’m sure and have just recently hooked up again on-line.

Carla writes an interesting blog for moms who never thought they would be living like a single mom, even though they are married….her husband travels alot and that leaves most things around the house and 4 kids being homeschooled, her direct responsibility.



I like to see what Meredith is up to pretty regularly…I love her short little blog posts and ideas for frugal entertaining and decorating!



Foul language meter ranks a bit high on this one, but yours might too, if within 24 hours you went from an expectant father to a single one.

Matt Logelin’s wife Liz had a normal pregnancy and delivered the delightful Madeline to a proud and first-time father.  Within 24 hours Liz died from a heart related complication.

Now Matt struggles with single parenthood and writes about his day to day happenings….just recently he has started a foundation to help other single-by-death parents….it’s worth reading…



One Response to “Linking Love….more blogs to share”

  1. Carla Anne Coroy Says:

    Thanks for the post, V! I’ll have to check out some of the blogs you’ve suggested. I appreciate your so much… I’ll be sending another comment later tonight! Keep your eyes peeled!

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