5 day challenge – DAY 4 of Beans and Rice

With almost 170 views on yesterday’s post, it seems as though the Beans & Rice challenge is resonating with some out there….if each one of you reading is impacted just enough to DO something…anything…we can see change come….and hey….thanks for reading!

Here’s what it comes down to.  I’m not overtly verbal about what I believe on this blog but I do hold beliefs consistent with Christianity.  I am a Christ follower, but find the word Christian to be nauseating most days because of what that word has come to mean..

…. you won’t usually hear me trying to convince you that your views are wrong just because they are different from mine, but I do try to live in harmony with what I believe and detail that for you here..

…Welcome to Day 4 of Beans & Rice….


I’m still struggling to know what to write about the challenge.  I CAN’T SOLVE THE WORLD’S problems….

…yesterday I got mail from Life Today talking about the desperate need for water somewhere in the world….it’s not just food that people need, it’s access to fresh drinking water….

…how could the world have let this happen……how can we be soooo comfortable, so over indulgent and not see the needs around us…? ( in our own city and across the world…)

….how could we continue on our merry way without realizing that every article of clothing, a lot of foodstuffs, many knick-knacks we buy in the name of consumerism, actually exploit workers somewhere in the world.  We can’t possibly follow through every purchase we make to know it’s true roots….

If you haven’t seen it before the video The Story of Stuff might open your eyes a little….I challenge you to find time to watch it.

I found this and liked this guys’ writing…it sounds like something I may have written to challenge people in their own thoughts of what being a Christ Follower looks like:

The ‘Following Jesus’ Manifesto

  1. Stop talking about Jesus. Just stop. If we loved the people around us half as much as we say we love Jesus the rest of this manifesto would be entirely redundant.
  2. Live a secret life. Invest the time, effort and vulnerability necessary to delve deeply into the scripture and prayer. Spend long periods of time in stillness. There is no shortcut to this, there is no other way. Without a deep and secret life we soon find ourselves talking about Jesus instead of being like Jesus.
  3. Stop pretending. I’m a Christian, and I suck. So do you. Let’s get that out of the way, shall we?
  4. Give more than you get. There will always be more than enough.
  5. Be present for those around you. Following Jesus has nothing to do with your work, your resume or your income. In fact, nothing that matters does.
  6. Treasure broken-ness. Our broken places are sacred spaces in our heart. Honour them. Value them. In doing so you love the unlovely, publicly declaring the beauty of God’s image in everyone. Greet the broken with comfort and cool water.
  7. Throw a party.
  8. Know Jesus well enough to recognize him on the street. This is rather important, because he can always be found on the street – and he usually looks more like a pan-handler than a preacher.
  9. Accept ingratitude and abuse as a fixed cost. Embrace them, and then go the extra mile.
  10. If you follow Jesus, you will anger religious people. This is how you will know.

found this little beauty at: http://mission.squarespace.com/-journal/2007/1/7/the-following-jesus-manifesto.html


2 Responses to “5 day challenge – DAY 4 of Beans and Rice”

  1. Mom Says:

    While I agree with the 10 items, I find this whole line of blog hard to comment on. It isn’t that I disagree or agree with anything, it is just hard to say what exactly I do think about it. So I have come to the conclusion that this type of thing is very personal and different people in different stages of their God walk will or not get there. But good for you, if this is what you think is necessary, then by all means.

  2. repurposed Says:

    it’s extremely hard to know how to comment.

    You can see the whole range of things people who did this went through….it ranges and I think that’s the point.


    Nobody will experience this the same because God teaches us all differently…we were made uniquely for a reason.

    I wouldn’t say I felt it was necessary to do this…..I felt it was good to push myself out of my comfort zone to do it.

    Complacency is the biggest killer all over the world…it kills our imaginations, it kills our potential, it kills our souls.

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