Repurposing Gone Bad

Y’know…it isn’t always successful…

I’ve ended up with a few duds as I run with scissors and cut up everything in sight…

You may not have been around long enough to remember this monstrosoty…


She was from this week a long time ago…..

There are things I’ve cut up but never sewn….things I’ve torn open but never glued back….and many, many, many projects have been inspired by the BEST PIECE OF FABRIC….that are still sitting in a pile.

Here’s my latest miss….I’ve seen all these cute fingerless gloves on ETSY…some from recycled or repurposed or upcycled materials…


I thought this should be something easy enough to recreate out of an old sweater I pulled from my sister’s donation pile…

um..wrong…I think unless you have a clue about how knitting actually works, it’s not a good idea to cut up a sweater sleeve that needs some major reconstruction and/or tapering.

end result:arms12

too floppy….too big….not tight enough to stay up…messy edges…just overall, not quite what I had in mind…


Now that’s not to say the idea is bad, or I won’t try again….it just means that sometimes, it’s not going to work out..and that’s OK.  It’s all a part of the craft.



2 Responses to “Repurposing Gone Bad”

  1. tamara Says:

    Maybe you can bring legwarmers back into fashion… with toe holes.. ? lol

  2. Sister... Says:

    Hey!! I thought you wanted to WEAR that sweater… LOL… (But I didn’t think ORANGE was your color anyways)

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