Make Do Mondays – My Living Room


I found this delightful blog that is hosting Make-Do Mondays and boy-oh-boy, I knew that was one for me to tag onto!

My life is about a big ol’ make-do.  I’ve written before about my inability to spend money…. so we tend to live with alot of ‘make-do’s’.

One of which is my Living Room ( left view and right view from the kitchen):



The big Make-Do in this room is the sofa and chairs.  Many years ago – more than 10, I’m thinking…we needed something for the basement family room in our other house.  After looking through many options, both new (gasp!) and used shoppes, we stumbled upon this 1960’s four-seater sofa and two armchairs at a garage sale.  They were still in the 1960’s tiled floor basement, just waiting for a new home.

For a mere $125 we loaded them up and were off!  Fast forward 2 or so years when we bought our next home.  No longer relegated to the basement family room, they took front and center stage in our upstairs living room….the punch of color was just right for our 1960’s bungalow home.

So…what started as a Make-Do, has served us quite well for 10 years now….unfortunately the pieces are beginning to show the wear of a bouncy dog and very social cat, and a mischievious young boy…..we’ve been looking for our ‘next set’ for over a year now, but so far….have not found a replacement.

Oh well…I figure for $125 and 10 years of service, I can’t complain about the $12.50 per year this set has cost us!


Here’s the skinny on the other pieces in the room:

Left Wall:


‘Orchids’ by Vladmir Tretchikoff ( signed ) – garage sale find…$5

Wall Mirror – inherited when my dad moved away

four drawered oak chest – garage sale – 5 bucks

Cubist coffee and end table – auction sale $10

green shag rug – Home Outfitters – sale priced 50% off..cost me $125

Brown Corduroy curtain panels – JYSK…bought one panel for 10 bucks and cut it in half…had enough for both sides of the window…


You can hardly see it, but there is another Tretchikoff there to the right of the window named ‘Chrysanthemums’ , also signed and bought at the same sale for 5 bucks…

chrome ball lamp – garage sale $1 with original shade..!!!!!

Club chair – we’ve had this since we owned our retro-shop…The chair cost us $100 and then it was another $300 to re-upholster it, but we’ve always loved it and probably always will!

Oh yeah…the TV unit..a story for another day…but the three piece maple unit set me back $12.50….


It’s fun to detail all of that…things that we have loved for so many years…with a major renovation coming up, it’s likely that many of those pieces will either be re-used in another part of the house, or sold / given away…kind of sad, but it makes me giddy to know that I’ve furnished my home with unique finds and I didn’t do it on credit!



5 Responses to “Make Do Mondays – My Living Room”

  1. annkroeker Says:

    Can I move in?

    Or can you shop for me??

    Great work–I love the way you make-do in every way. You are an inspiration to Make-Do hopefuls everywhere.

    So glad you participated in M-DM–your link is up.

  2. Mom Says:

    I like how tidy the room is and I also like how you have it arranged now. Do you still want the purple pillows???? I haven’t forgotten, just haven’t gotten to it, among so many other things….. You are the best….

  3. jen@Balancing Beauty and Bedlam Says:

    Don’t you just love the great finds that are to be had? Yes, our lives are Making Do as well. 🙂

  4. Rita Says:

    While you have thrifted all those items they all work together as if they all were selected and carefully planned. It’ll be fun to watch the changes you make as you renovate. All without going into debt!

    You asked as the Quirky Cottage blog what the writing on the hood of the car said — I couldn’t tell. It was a rambling about politics and then religion and in the end it didn’t make any sense.

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