On Living With Balance

I admit, some who visit here, will think that I’m a country mama, with a brood of young’uns who homeschools, cans and hangs my wash on the line… ( not that there’s anything wrong with that…)..oh wait, that IS me on 3 of the 5….

Truth is, I think, for the most part anyways, if you ran into me on the street, I’d come across as a pretty normal, millenial type of gal.


I like my labels, I like quality, I like to be able to give people nice things…


I don’t like those things more than I like working part-time (even though every fiber of my being craves the busy-ness of the full-time corporate world).

I don’t like those things more than I like my husband and son, and creating a home schedule that is un-hurried, respectful of each other and leaves room for ‘whatever’. (even though the ‘down-time gets on my nerves because I’m wired for speed)

I don’t like those things more than I like knowing what went into our food choices each day. (even though we still throw away WAY too much food because I let it rot in the fridge…)

I used to live what is considered now a pretty normal life…..working 9-5 (or more)……taking more work home for the evenings and weekends……using my credit card to fill up my house and closet……stopping to get fast food for dinner on the way home……being too busy to stop and ask my hubby how HIS day went before I unloaded on him about MINE…

A few years ago, that started to feel as far from normal as it could get.  I needed to submit to some hard-core changes in order to create some balance for us.

It’s NOT EASY, but if you are in the same boat, you KNOW when it’s time to do it.  Every day, you HEAR the things that tell you to change, you SEE the things that are out of order, the hard part is DOING it.

The hard part is fighting against those things inside yourself that say all those THINGS you are committed to are important …those voices that say you will become LESS important by reducing your commitments.

The hard part is fighting against those things from outside influences that say YOU’RE CRAZY…that say things will fall apart unless you speed up the treadmill.

The hard part is letting it all go.

Full stop.

Letting the pieces, letting the process, letting the people, letting the outcome go.

Here’s what I’ve learned….When you learn to submit, when you learn to relax, when you learn to let go of all the things that you hold tightly,  PEACE finds you.

JOY finds you.

CONTENTMENT finds you.

You can’t go out looking for any of these things…because each one is elusive on it’s own. When you find the magic, the magic works in you.

So the truth of the matter is, I get a kick out of seeing how ‘well’ we can live on ‘less’.  I enjoy finding a great deal, and creating something out of nearly nothing….to me, that is a fulfilling way to use my creativity and in the meantime, I hope that some of the things I write about will also serve to encourage anyone else who is walking that same path.

And I’m keepin’ it real by saying that most days I’d rather be DOING all the things that I used to be doing…it is a constant CHOICE I make to choose the BEST for us…(..’best’ not always meaning more or THINGS…or even the things that I’d LIKE to be doing…)

If you are feeling dragged out, dragged down and spiralling out of control, know that there is a better way.

It CAN be done.

HELP is available.

We can all agree to being REPURPOSED….it just takes a itty bit of faith to step out into something new.  Here is something I wrote a year ago to describe my new ‘place’.



I’m in a new place.

Call it what you will.

I no longer live in fear of not having, not doing or not being enough.

I am free of having to compete, of having to accomplish, of having to have.

I’ve turned my back on living a crazy life where nothing ever felt in control, and life never felt right. I’ve made a big income and left it because, it too, wasn’t enough.

My life was not designed to be stressful, disconnected or out of control.

My life was designed for peace, connectedness and to be full of truly good things.

Go ahead – believe that I’ve flipped my lid, but I am done with lap-dogging for the top dogs, I’m done with trying to be anything. I’m done with teams that lead and clubs that exclude.

Instead I look for the things that I was meant to learn from others, or from my interactions with them.

I’m living FREE and with control for the very first time.

Free to listen. Free to learn.

Free to do those things which bring life to those in my life.

If you’ve read this far, know that we are connected, and I hope that even just by reading this I’ve put some new life into your day, your outlook, or your life.

Go ahead…I dare you to ask me questions….




2 Responses to “On Living With Balance”

  1. annkroeker Says:

    I popped over here after seeing your comment. Wow, do I love this post! What a great before-and-after life makeover. A life with purpose, repurposed, that has gained more than ever expected. I truly look forward to knowing you better through Make-Do Monday!

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