Puffy Jacket – Zipper repair – WWFMW


At least two years ago, the zipper on my black puffy winter jacket went kaput.  Since the jacket was still good, I had great intentions of replacing the zipper instead of spending money on a new winter jacket.


When the temperature is -30 Celcius ( that’s a big ol’ -22 Fahrenheit) PLUS windchill, a coat like this comes in handy!

Problem is…because of my good intentions to replace the zipper, I’ve been wearing the jacket for the last two winters without zipping it up….I just closed up the velcro tabs, tucked in a long scarf, and for trips in and out of the car, it’s been just fine.

Finally this year, I thought I would get adventurous and went to look at zippers….hmmm…the job of sewing a zipper into nylon would be more than I think I want to tackle….what now?  look for a new coat???  Well if you’ve followed me at all , you know that buying a new coat sure doesn’t sit well with me….

So, I stopped off at the tailor shop and she told me it would be a mere $13.95 for the zipper and $14.00 for her time to do it, but she would give me a discount and do both for $24.

“Thank you very much” I said, and kept walking.

She said “wait” for $13.00 she could just replace the ZIPPER PULL without redoing the whole zipper.  “hmmmm I thought, that’s more like it” but I suddenly had a light-bulb moment.

I stopped off at the fabric store and for 90 cents….(that’s less than a buck y’all) I bought a zipper pull, came home and in about 45 seconds, my zipper was back in operation…

The pull I bought was brown because for 90 cents I wasn’t going to worry about color on a zipper that is under a velcro tab anyway…

The 90 cent zipper pull

The 90 cent zipper pull

The 90 cent zipper pull under the velcro tab!

The 90 cent zipper pull under the velcro tab!

I’m a happy camper, I just wish I had looked into this two years ago!!



6 Responses to “Puffy Jacket – Zipper repair – WWFMW”

  1. karol Says:

    Oh, terrific idea…so smart to be able to accomplish something on the cheap. Love it. And, thanks for stopping by my blog with a comment.

  2. Rita Says:

    I had no idea you could buy just the pull. I have a favorite sweater from Goodwill that was missing the pull when I bought it. Sometimes I wish I could zip it up but it is still a favorite sweater. The next time I’m out I’m going to look for a pull. Thanks ever so much for mentioning it. Replacing a zipper is murder — I’m surprised the woman would do it for only $24. I would charge someone $100 for each drop of sweat that appeared on my brow.

  3. lynn@queenofthecastlerecipes.com Says:

    How cool is that, and so simple! Good job on investigating until you figured out how to do it for next to nothing 😉

  4. Kara Says:

    Way to go! Thanks for the idea. We have two very nice kids jackets sitting here because of the very same thing…lol!


  5. Blue Castle Says:

    Way to go! You saved over $12! Great idea.

  6. Mom Says:

    I am very proud of you…. Way simpler than replacing a zipper. You know I sew, and I still hate replacing zippers. Sometimes it is easier to make a whole new garment.

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