Repurposing Inspiration – a blog round-up

Due to a self-imposed, overfull schedule, I’ve not been repurposing as much as I’d like over the last few months…although, I am working on a  new studio space, and once organized, that should help things a little…

I’m always bookmarking interesting items that I see as inspiration and I thought I’d dedicate this post to some of the fun things that I’ve seen people do in the name of repurposing old clothing!

See how a normal, every day sweater was transformed like this:


See it here

Or something I’m dying to try…. this truly icky sweater and shoes have been transformed like this:


See the info here

Or, how about a t-shirt transformation – we’ve all got more t-shirts than we know what to do with…couldja use a new pair of yoga pants?


See that transformation here

My challenge to you is….try just one thing..even if you can’t sew.  Just grab a pair of scissors and something that is in your donation pile….can you make something out of it that changes it’s purpose?  that gives it new life?

I’d love to hear about your experiences!

2009 has me renewing my plans to look to the things I already own instead of simply going and buying things I think I need.

I can live with much less junk….more creativity and more meaningful days


One Response to “Repurposing Inspiration – a blog round-up”

  1. jessiedog Says:

    Such a fabulous idea, repurposing clothing. I saw a quick blurb on TV about a women who hunts around in second hand stores and purchases items to recycle them into completely restyled clothing items and then sells them as boutique items. Great post!

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