I had a comment asking about my No Poo Experiment, so I thought I would update y’all.

I received the question yesterday, so maybe it’s no co-incidence that it was the day BEFORE yesterday that I shampooed….(gasp!)  In the interest of keepin’-it-real, I knew I’d have to update my blog post anyway.

Two things happened…

#1 – the static is driving me CRAZY.

My hair is too long right now anyways, and even with shampoo and conditioner, when it is -40 with windchill, my hair will always be static-y.   For a few days, I had been considering using some products ‘just to see’, but I really knew that it would be the same, no matter what, so I resisted my urge to go mainstream with products again.

#2 – I colored my hair.

I do not know of any good options to do this, other than to go completely grey, and I’m just not ready for that….so I colored.


After 4 or 5 days, my hair/head just continued to STINK.  I could smell hair color every time I moved my head…and it wasn’t just the ‘freshly colored’ smell, it was kind of taking on the odor of ‘cradle cap’, if you’ve ever had a baby with that…..I really felt like I needed to do something.

Unfortunately, it is the week before Christmas, and I just don’t have time to research all my holistic options…and I will!….so I pulled out my Garnier Fructis and lathered up.

The second day, my hair/head stinks less, but it’s still there….I think I’ll shampoo once more, but then I’ll get right back to the Baking Soda / Apple Cider vinegar and keep going…

…and I was right…the static is just as bad even with shampoo and conditioner.  Fine hair like mine just can’t handle this dry air…..a haircut might help.

Any other suggestions?



4 Responses to “No Poo UPDATE”

  1. radicalancient Says:

    Thanks for the update :).
    Honestly I have no tips for your hair type, but you could try the Livejournal no ‘poo community. I find it pretty helpful.

    As for shampooing, I don’t think that’s in any way wrong. I had to shampoo once after a month, then again after another month and a bit. This is well into my fourth month, and I haven’t had to shampoo in 30 days now… I don’t feel my hair needs it. For the “cradle cap”, try whatever antiseptic you use for first-aid(preferably cetrimide solution), diluted to twice the dilutions you’d use on a wound. It’s worked well for my dandruff which was getting awful and making my scalp itchy and tender. In fact it also weighs my hair down slightly and conditions it – might help with your static issues. Just might!
    All the best! 🙂

  2. Lisa S Says:

    I’ve got really fine hair too, and when it was long, I would put a little bit of hand lotion on my hands and run them over my hair when it got too static-y. It doesn’t goop it down and lasts way longer than water!

    That works for static-y pants and skirts too – just put lotion on your legs, or even over your nylons and it lasts a long time. (and doesn’t stink like Static Guard)

  3. Carla Anne Coroy Says:

    We’ve gone no’poo since Nov. 29th… me and my two girls. My daughters have very thin, fly-away hair that can get very knotted. Ahria’s hair was actiing up so I put a dab of coconut oil onto my hands and rubbed it till it felt like it was almost gone. Then I brushed my hands all over her hair, except not on the very top of her head. That seemed to help.

    I had died my hair just before we went no ‘poo. So I’m not sure how long it will last, but my hair looks and feels great. I don’t even use any of the apple cider vinegar. The girls do, but I don’t seem to need it.

    You might want to try the oil… coconut is handy because it comes hard and you can spread it around your hands more easily. Plus it’s quite natural!

    I’ve also added a few drops of essential oil of orange to the ACV, it helps it in the ‘smell’ area! 🙂

  4. Jennifer Says:

    Hi — thanks for visiting my blog. Your house looks very festive for Christmas! I have very, very dry hair and I live in Utah which is a desert, so I only shampoo my hair about once a week. I don’t have static since my hair is coarse, but you could try a shine serum which is what I use and it smooths my hair out and makes it shiny. It would probably weigh yours down a little so it doesn’t have static.

    Merry Christmas!


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