Scraping the bottom – my thoughts on wasting less

So, how far do you go when trying to make wiser or simpler choices?

What crosses the line for you?

What creature comforts are just so not worth giving up?

I would like to think I could give up this:clinique1

I’m sure there are cheaper, more healthy choices to use when the need strikes me to cover up my blotchy skin…..I just haven’t looked yet.

So, this time when it was nearing the end of supply and the bottle started to fart, I took that split second moment to question my NEED for this luxury….it’s been about four weeks since I asked myself that question.

Here’s what I’ve done since then…

clinique2 clinique3 clinique41

Can you believe that I have used what is in there for FOUR WEEKS??  When I normally would have just tossed it and went out to buy a new one….I have applied some rational thought and took it upon myself to cut up the neat and pretty packaging that the marketing people make us think is sacred and not to be ‘scraped’…

A FOUR WEEK SUPPLY and there is probably still enough for a couple of more weeks…

Makes me wonder what other kinds of things we regularly toss out when there is still life left in them if we only look at it a little differently?  I’d love to hear from you in the comments if you have found ways of applying this same principle to other items….I’ll feature your ideas on a future blog….I think it is just that important to think differently, and take action..!


This stuff jazzes me up folks – if you haven’t read my Who Am I ? tab, then you may not know this about me:

(I’m) Currently devoted to redeeming things others have passed by,

passed on, passed over or dismissed.

I am looking at life with a new lens.


One Response to “Scraping the bottom – my thoughts on wasting less”

  1. Chris Says:

    I just love what you have to say about using to the bottom. I had that epiphany about a year ago when I tossed a tube of toothpaste into the little trash can in the bathroom. Later that day I jaunted into a Japanese grocery store near my home and saw a little device meant to squeeze out the last drop from a toothpaste tube. It slides onto the bottom of the tube and you just slide it up as you dispense the paste. I bought a two pack for 99 cents and took it home. As I stood in the bathroom I remembered the tube of paste I tossed earlier that day. I snatched it up (fresh trash bag with nothing else in it) and slid the slider/squeezer on. That toothpaste lasted another three weeks! I cut back to using a pearl sized dab on the brush as well. It does the job and wastes less paste. Did I ever learn a lesson! I went back and bought three more packs of slider/squeezers and use them on everything even those little ketchup packets! I have learned so many tricks to save money. Adding distilled water to shampoo (1 part to three parts shampoo) makes it last longer. Boosting dish detergent with a shake of baking soda (I keep the soda in a parmesan cheese shaker on the kitchen sink beside the pour bottle of dish soap) gives you more suds and softens the water. The list goes on and on. I just love your site. Keep up the great work!

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