What Works for Me Wednesday

Shannon over at Rocks in my Dryer hosts What Works for Me Wednesdays.  Be sure to hop over there and see what other people are up to.


My post is quick and simple this week:


Trying to get off of coffee?  I found BAMBU at my local health food store.  It’s a pretty good coffee subsitute, and some days I’ll add some cocoa for a little something extra.  I’ve also mostly transitioned to STEVIA instead of sugar, and that my friends is what works for me!


2 Responses to “What Works for Me Wednesday”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Have you heard that the soda companies are trying to make diet sodas with stevia and we *may* not be able to get it anymore? We use it as well.

  2. Vee Says:

    Thanks, V, for your visit!

    Stevia…never have been able to get used to it. I’ve tried, oh, how I’ve tried.

    Hope that what Sarah says above is a rumor for all our sakes.

    I really liked your drapes, too. You did a wonderful job for so much less. Good going!

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