My attempt at Mistreatments – the PERFECT PHILOSOPHY!

I love the philosophy over at Nesting Place – she sounds like my kind of gal!

I have been putting off the ‘decorating touches’ in our Dining Room for a few years now, knowing that we are getting closer and closer to a MAJOR renovation, but the windows have been DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!  We have basically been living with a set of sheer panels in there with nothing else for some time now.

I took the time last week to go through the Nesting Place blog and was inspired – inspired to create something from nothing.

Here’s what I’m all about:

– I hate to measure

– I hate to use patterns

– I have a hard time spending money on anything

_ I like to start and finish a project within the same afternoon.

– I do not consider myself at all crafty, however I am creative.

That means that seams don’t always line up, things don’t close the way they should, and generally, I don’t spend any time ripping out seams if they are not right…I just make it work “good-enough”.  I probably would have been diagnosed as ADD had that been a real diagnosis when I was a kid.  I don’t have a long enough attention span for long or complicated projects.


I stumbled on a perfectly, good as new flat sheet in the thrift store that I just had to put in my cart based on the colors…I initially thought that I might use it to recover my dining room chairs.

The sheet was $5.99.

However, once I got it home, some new ideas started to perk.

I measured my window and I ripped….ripped strategically of course, but just ripped it.  I hung it over my existing too-skinny drapery pole thingy, and an idea was born!  I scrounged through the fabric store bargain bin on Saturday morning and spent $9.00 on some beady fringe, et voila!


The perfect MISTREAMENT!

I plan to add some brownish colored side panels, but I refuse to pay more than 10 bucks for the two windows in there, so I will have to keep watching and waiting at my local thrift stores and discount shops.


I wrote this post a week or so ago, and just hadn’t edited or posted it yet.  Would you believe that my patience and scrounging paid off in a big way?

Lookit this price tag…


Guess what $4.99 bought me???

SIX PANELS   42″ X 100″  – SIX PANELS!!!!

They are only polyester, but I covered BOTH windows and have two panels to spare for under 5 bucks!!


They are actualy more a dark moss / olive green than brown like they look in the photos……and look how they match the rug in the room:


You can see the whole room after I clean up the disaster zone that you can’t see right now…(!)


Original flat sheet:  $5.99

Bead fringe thingys:  $9.00

six panels :  $4.99

and I had to run to The Depot to get some of those white drapery bars….I have given all mine away…$9.00

So for 29 bucks, I have covered TWO windows!

I will be watching for heavier valance poles…I think a nice heavy dark wood will work better than those skinny iron things….but dontcha just love how I was able to mount them so high….my dining room looks so much more elegant now…!

but wait, I’m not done there!  There was a tiny swatch left, that wasn’t quite wide enough for my kitchen window, but that’s no-never-mind to me once I’m on a roll….I whipped out some brown corduroy, ripped off some appropriately sizes pieces and sewed them onto the ends.


And again – voila!  I didn’t even take time to iron these or straighten them out I was just so excited about how they look….quite honestly, the way it goes around here, I probably never will (take them down to iron them…) that’s just the way I roll…!


And, with the last little bit of fabric I had left over, I pulled out a painting, covered it up, hung on some ribbon, stitched on a few key rings, and we will also have the perfect accessory to hang fun photos by our entryway!

(and yes…the blue wall will not exist post-reno….but again, I just HAD  to get the photo now…who’s got time to wait????)


whew – that’s enough fun for one day!




5 Responses to “My attempt at Mistreatments – the PERFECT PHILOSOPHY!”

  1. Melanie Says:

    Oooh.. I love this and what a great bargain!

    Have a great week!

  2. Carla Anne Coroy Says:

    I love the colours! I wish I had the time to shop… and a few more Thrift Shops around! 🙂

  3. The Nester Says:

    Now THAT is some major mistreating! Girl, I am so impressed with you and know that you love it as you should! What a great find and patient impatience always pays off! Thanks for sharing!

  4. cherry Says:

    great scores on the treatments….came over from Sarahs fave party cherry

  5. Holly Says:

    That was a major bargain, and it looks great!

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