Cheapskate tips for frugal Christmas decorating

You’ll get to know very quickly that I’m what might be called a spendthrift….I wrote a little about it here.

It’s not that I don’t like to have nice things, but I have just sorted through waaaay to many estates in my day to know first hand that it doesn’t matter what you spend on something up front….at the back end, it’s all worth nothing.

I’d rather use my money for finer pursuits, for things that don’t serve myself.

So, when it comes to seeing all the cutesy things in the stores for Christmas decorating, I have to really question each and every purchase…..( I wrote about that process here ).

I picked up this really cute centerpiece at the neighbourhood senior’s center Thrift Shop – I paid $2.99 for it, and it already had all the great nativity figurines on it.  The center, however, was still bare.  I wasn’t sure if I was going to fill it with candles or what ….

On a treasure hunt through my local Value Village I found the perfect thing….and it was only $1.99!  Can you guess what it’s original purpose was??

cloche1 cloche2

It’s a covered cheese board!  I was so excited!  I mean A BUCK-NINETY-NINE!!!!

I’ve now had visions of all the covered cheeseboards I will be able to pick up at garage sales for a quarter this summer….I think I’ll be finding some more decorative uses for these!  I’ve seen so many shabby chic-cers using them for nests / birds etc.  Oh the possibilities!  I just get so excited about REPURPOSING!


4 Responses to “Cheapskate tips for frugal Christmas decorating”

  1. Mom Says:

    Maybe you can come decorate my house. I just sort of put out and hang up the stuff I have and don’t get too excited about the whole thing of Christmas decorations… But then I don’t have small kids in my house either and I know that makes a difference.

  2. repurposed Says:

    I have never really been into the whole decorating the house thing, whether Christmas or otherwise…

    I think it’s just in the last little bit tho’ that my heart is recognizing that it’s more about the love that goes into the decorating…the wanting-to create memories and special times.

    Because I am so not attached to ‘stuff’, I could live quite minimally and not be happy, but here again, is one of those things that is so not about ME. It’s about what the effort I am making means to others whether they are actually noticing it in real-time or not.

    My blank walls may look just fine to me, but what memories is it creating of HOME… ? That’s why it’s so much fun to do this and not spend a whole bunch of $$$ to achieve!

  3. repurposed Says:

    er…that should say live quite minimally and BE HAPPY….

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