A Repurposed Garland

I was inspired by Nesting Place to work on some things around my house for Christmas.

I am so done with cheap ‘evergreen’ garlands like this:


I’ve attached lights, I’ve doubled them up (the one in the picture is actually two twisted together), I’ve put ribbons through them, I’ve nested ornaments in them….and never been happy.

So when Nesting Place featured her updated version, I thought to my self, “self, that’s something YOU CAN DO!”

I stopped off at my local dollar store ( that’s not really a DOLLAR store, but I guess since everything ends in $.00 they can call it that), and picked up these:


After a few snip-snips ( with my good paper scissors I might add….yikes), I ended up with this:


I’m pretty happy!  When I dig out my white lights, I’ll add those too, and I’ll see what else I have kicking around the house, ’cause you know, I hate to go BUY anything….I wanna first see what I can use from around the house.  (disclaimer:  yes, I did spend $4.50 on the picks that I cut up for this….I figured that was alot less than buying new garlands!)

I’m pleased, very pleased….



here is something else we put together last night while watching ‘Survivor'(…poor Randy, he had it coming…)

tree1 tree2

…easy peasy….


3 Responses to “A Repurposed Garland”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    You did a great job following Nester’s tutorial!

  2. Lady of the Mote Says:

    that looks fab!
    I love the button trees

  3. Carla Anne Coroy Says:

    I thought of you when I was at a craft fair this weekend. A couple had an ‘Old things Made New’ business. Very neat ideas about reusing everyday things like the cardboard packaging on cereal, fast food wrappers, old books, etc. It was so neat! I love watching how you repurpose things.

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