This weeks’ Repurposing

I’m not getting to my blog nearly as often as I’d like to….I think it’s just a function of a busy time in life….

I still work at creating something every day…being conscious of the creative in every day has been fun! I take alot of pictures, most of which, never appear here. I guess it’s easier to create and click then to create and document..!

I have seen alot of neat ideas for repurposing old t-shirts, and I practiced it here:





I practiced my homesteading with this:


which became this:


which ultimately became this yummy, decadent , naturally sugar free applesauce!



I sold some really cool stuff on etsy like this rad 70’s boho hippy belt;


these retrolicious granny boots;


this sweet shabby hall light;


and this 70’s retro Fleetwood Mac belt buckle.



We did another ‘fashion shoot’ and ended up with these great shots:

Disco-dynamite – 100% polyester jumpsuit:


Indie Mod Gingham Rockabilly Button up shirt;


Grunge flannel buffalo plaid super comfy shirt;


and this purrrrrr-fect snow leopard overcoat!


Lots more to see over at….that was just the beginning of our fun day…! Don’t I have a swell niece (not to mention BEAUTIFUL???)

We’ve had to creatively deal with another batch of snow. Yes snow. At the end of March. Me thinks winter will never end this year. Global warming what???


3 Responses to “This weeks’ Repurposing”

  1. newestwrinkles Says:

    Wow, you have some unbelievable thrift finds! We just started a college fashion blog and one of our beats is thrifting, if you have any tips or ever want to feature blog for us, get in touch! We all go to school in a small town where good fashion is seriously hard to find and we absolutely ADORE your work!

    *Newest Wrinkles*

  2. leah Says:

    love all the re-purposing you’ve been up to!!

  3. ooglebloops Says:

    I’ve been repurposing all my life!!! I have 2 of those berry presses- both thrift store finds- and I LOVE them and use them!!! I’ll be back to visit often!!

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