Wading through Small Changes….

My creativity this week has been limited to getting back to basics…in lots of areas.

Stuff and the storage of it.

Food and menu planning.

Planning and practicing meaningful FAMILY time.

Life just gets so busy/complicated/full that we need to remember to stop every now and again and just reconnect with those parts of our souls that need refreshing.

I’m working on sorting / organizing / wiping out all the cupboards…deciding if we really NEED half of the stuff that’s in them….

I’m looking for ways to get better organized when it comes to food and menu choices so that we can stop throwing away things that have gone bad….

I’m making sure the TV gets less ‘face-time’ than we do with each other….


So, I haven’t sewn anything, painted anything, glued anything, drawn or written anything this week, but in the still, small, quiet moments I’ve taken it back to remembering the goodness in our lives, being thankful for every provision, and sending love and prayers into the lives of people who I’ve been blessed to have in my life.

I have a new opportunity looming (read: job) and I am weighing the pros and cons of it. In no way do I want to give up the focus I’ve been able to gain on home and family….anything that takes the balance away from that is not for me…


One Response to “Wading through Small Changes….”

  1. Barb Says:

    You might enjoy all the recycling links on my purse blog. http://iwannanewbag.blogspot.com

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