I’ve failed already!

When I wrote this,  I had every intention on purchasing less stuff, and if I had to buy something, as in a gift or something, that I would try to buy handmade…

Well….a business trip to Atlanta last week saw me purchasing over $50.00 in the Atlanta Aquarium Gift Shop…ugh!  My intentions were good….I bought the boy a few things, something for hubby and a gift or two for upcoming occasions.

I think I made good purchases overall and got good value for my money, but I felt like I let myself down…..none of us need more stuff.


One Response to “I’ve failed already!”

  1. Nan Says:

    Don’t look at it as a failure, just a minor set back and now you are back on track. It’s great to be frugal and have a goal to repurpose and recycle, but sometimes something brand new just feels good too, just because you deserve it once in awhile and now you can refocus on your beliefs and goals again that the temptations are behind you.

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