I love fabric!!!

Warning for those of you who aren’t so much into fabric / sewing….this was the week that I sewed, and sewed and sewed….just for fun. There is something about the feel of fabric that I just love…! Not to say that’s all this blog will be about, but this week, it is!

I have been very tired of my bedding for awhile now…


I’ve been looking in the stores ( I have some gift money I’ve been holding specifically for this – so I didn’t feel like I’m totally breaking my ‘spend less’ resolution )…but I just haven’t found anything that I wanted to spend that much money on.

On one of my thrifting excursions, I stumbled upon brand new, never been washed flat sheets. Hmmmm, my little pea brain started doing the math….how much fabric is in this for the mere price of $5.99????


Hmmmm…how quickly I snapped them up – took them home, washed and dried them all, and repurposed them into a duvet cover to go over my old bedspread…! For all of $12.00!

I also found a new bed skirt for 5 bucks that was really for a King-sized bed, but some artful folding and a few safety pins and it fits my queen size just fine!


I also found some (also brand new!) Pottery Barn pillow cases, which right now, don’t look like they fit so well, but as soon as I paint my walls (and remove the hideous border), I think they’ll look quite swell.


HBI was pouting since I never make him anything, so he got a duvet cover too! I use that term loosely since I have no idea how to make button holes, so there is just an opening right now. One day I’ll learn….but as of right now, this project fit quite nicely into my propensity to not use patterns, and be finished in less than one evening!


I’ve also been hating our 1980’s bathroom vanity ever since we moved in 6 years ago. A bathroom reno is in the works but is being done at the same time as the major job of lifting our house and putting in a new basement. We’ve kind of put all renos on hold till then b/c we may as well do it all at once, right? So anyways…hubby calls me to tell me he bought a second hand pedestal sink for $12.99 at a local thrift shop….a few pipes and new fittings brought the project to $40 or so and he has one very happy wife.

Before:       300bathroombefore.jpg

After:        300bathroom1.jpg


While thrifting I couldn’t resist some really pink, really girly sheets. The first one I made into new pajama bottoms for me – keeping the contrast on for the bottom…!


**Also repurposed another girly sheet into this great little dress for my niece! I think I’ll make her a matching bag too. The sheet was $2.99 and it was queen sized, so there is still lots of fabric left.


I bought a tablecloth for 89 cents and made four tea towels out of it



I whipped up a wallet for my chequebook and not-so-often used cards / receipts etc.


I managed to figure out how to install snaps and made a little change purse.



And instead of going out and buying more of these…


I took some juice boxes, cut em up, wrapped em with some spare ends of paper and I have new drawer dividers!


I’ll not be posting next week – I will be at a conference where I will be having creative withdrawals I am sure…however…I should have lots of new inspiration by the time I’m back!


5 Responses to “I love fabric!!!”

  1. calegar Says:

    Ohhh you have fun this week! I too love fabric!

  2. southerngirlmusings Says:

    I love fabric as well but I really love all of the ways that you repurposed items to fit your needs. The bathroom redo is great and it is wonderful that your hubby things along those same lines. Congrats to you on all of those great projects.

  3. Mayberry Magpie Says:

    Oh my goodness! Who knew you could get a sink for $12? And a charming one at that! I would not only be so happy, I would be very, very smug. “My sink? Oh, that little thing cost $12.”

  4. Nan Says:

    Wow, you have been so busy and thrifty! I am proud of you for your creative ideas and how you put them to work for yourself, and just a thank you for sharing them, it just might get me to sew some more. I love it, but just haven’t done much, not since the Holiday Bears for the needy kids anyway. I can’t wait to see what you come up with next, oh, you said it will be a week off? Dang.. I’ll just have to wait longer I suppose.

  5. Nan Says:

    Blog-iversary Contest! Come to my blog to enter and join in the fun!

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