This Week’s Creations

This was a good week creatively…. After last week’s come clean, I felt very much better about using my energy to be creative….creative within my own intuitive intentions of spending and consuming less….

I can’t show you the first bit of this week’s craftiness b/c it is a gift for someone who regularly reads here…..I’ll get photos tho’ and post it after the gifting.
I’ll let you guess what this used to be…


HBI was off from school on Friday feeling a bit under the weather and we talked about ways to surprise Dad when he got home from his business trip. To his 7 year old mind, there would be nothing that Dad would enjoy more than Soft Gingerbread Cookies…and I figured, hey, 7 is old enough to read, measure and mix. So, he did it on his own! I didn’t photograph the finished product, but he did a mighty fine job which Dad was enjoying with milk!

cookies1-300.jpg  cookies3-300.jpg

I thought Dad might like some new shop rags…so an old towel was repurposed for him!


I’m naturally inclined to all things natural. Especially health-wise. Nothing drives me more crazy than to think about the multitude of ways we are each poisoning our bodies with stuff-we-call-food. I can’t preach about it b/c I am as guilty as anyone else. I do the best I can do, and just keep trying to make better choices every day.
Anyhew…a friend of mine is suffering with all sorts of things and after years of Dr’s and years of prayer, she is not seeing breakthroughs. Knowing that sometimes our answers to prayers come in people-shaped-packages, I’ve offered to help her analyze her diet to see what changes I can recommend.
I typed up this chart and in 14 days we are going to look for trends, pray for wisdom and see what changes she can make.

Feel free to download it if you like.  (if the download is not working, put your email address in the comments and I’ll get it to you that way)


If anyone were to ask me “if you could do anything you wanted to do, and money was not an objection, what would you do?” I would answer “become a Naturopathic Doctor”. After doing research for her, I feel compelled to continue on that path. In some way, it has been planted in me to help people with some sort or form of healing. I don’t know if becoming an N.D. is the answer, or what, but something for me, lies in there. I will continue to seek for that answer.

In the meantime, I’ve mocked up a blog that might take some more of my creative energy in the next little while….you can see it here


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