The week Creative – Jan 13-19

I’ve been toying with some mixed media this week…simply because it seems to be the perfect creative outlet for a ‘garbage artist’. I found out that’s what I could be called.

It seems as though there is a whole movement of Garbage Artists…some who dumpster-dive, some who scrounge scrapyards and garbage dumps, and others who are constantly looking at what someone else is throwing away and says…”can I have that?”. While I’ve been known to dumpster-dive a time or two in my life, my thrill comes from ‘redeeming’ something that someone else was going to throw away….

..and with that, I present this week’s creative endeavors…

First I cut up a cheerios box and made a bunch of little tags, and painted both sides of them with some acrylic paints we bought with a bunch of other junk, and have stored for 5 years, at an auction.What to do. What to do.

I created this cutesy little tag? ornament? hangy thing?…. (it’s a rhinestone earring hanging from the bottom)

spirit1.jpg   spirit2.jpg

Then, I took a tuna can, and a vintage magazine, cut a fuzzy red heart and went diving through my own stash and found this great keychain to add on… sweet.

fever1.jpg     fever2.jpg

Now what do I do with it? another hangy thing.

I am ashamed to even show this messed up creation, but again, it’s all about the process right…? I’m still going to work on it, but my canvas was the cheerios box, again painted with acrylic paint. Then I started looking through vintage mags and postcards. I think it might have a theme and I will probably keep embellishing it to see where it goes….


Here’s a Christmas themed thing that was inspired by a vintage postcard. I think I will add two gromments and wait until I find some nice ribbon so I can hang it.


This little sweet thing started out as a spoon. I added a photograph…a doily…a brooch and more cheerios box cutouts in the shape of wings , and voila. A what the ?? I have no idea…would you hang it? would you stick it in a potted plant? Not sure.


I struggle with this one a little because within my vision of Garbage Art, (who knew I had a vision about this crap, er I mean art form) I think I should only use items that the average Joe or Jane could find while thrifting. I don’t think the glitter counts in that. That is something that most people think they would have to go buy. I guess I should say that I found scads of glitter at a garage sale ( I think the nice old lady was previously a Sunday School teacher or something). So, within the confines of my art, it was not a deviation…however, I may find another pair of wings that inspire.


And here is the first REPURP. I think that is cute little name for snuggly creatures made out of old sweaters. And stuffed with scraps of who-knows-what. Nothing purchased here. That’s the key.


He has been tagged with alphabet beads…I think it’s nice to identify them..

And just so I don’t forget who I am , I made this….man do I need a good pedicure.


That should be it for this week. I am dedicating the rest of my time to some writing and that is something that likely won’t appear here, at least for awhile.


7 Responses to “The week Creative – Jan 13-19”

  1. Debra Quartermain Says:

    I love your hangy things and your philosophy because creativity is really about the process and less about the product. The act of creating along with the intention of recycling provides an even deeper awareness of the creative process which is essential to our lives. Creativity keeps me sane!

  2. Janet Says:

    Lots of good creativity here. I, too, keep boxes to cut up and use in art, and my daughter bought a “ton” of glitter for me at an estate sale a few years ago. I’ll most likely never run out!!

  3. leah Says:

    you are so creative!!! i love to see the cool things you are making! the sweater creature and the spoon girl are my favs. 🙂

    it’s definitely all about the process, making things that come from our hands and minds, and having fun!

  4. Amy Says:

    This is a great use of found objects and a great way to reuse items that, as you said, others may throw away. I agree. It is about the process; the process and practice and playing make our skills even better.

  5. morningDove Says:

    I love all your recycled items. My fav is nephews raincoat bag. How cool! I walk my dog and collect stuff off the road, not sure what to do yet but when time comes I will know what to do with it. thanks for sharing

  6. Nan Says:

    I like seeing your creative creations, it’s inspiring! Keep up the great posts, I enjoy coming back for a visit to see what you have been up to!

  7. Repurposing Gone Bad « Repurposed Says:

    […] She was from this week a long time ago….. […]

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