This weeks’ creativity

It’s been a busy week but I have got a few things going.

I don’t know how to crochet, so I figured I’d try it.  I ended up with a bookmark and this teeny, tiny basket.



We practiced and made a few yo-yo’s:


Next, we worked on some post-it note oragami flowers.  Each petal is one post it note.



Then I spent a day working on an invitation for a party I am holding which celebrates the day I become older than my mom…..(she lived to 37 years 38 weeks and 4 days..)

I can’t really show that here b/c it has too much personal info on it but I was very pleased.


Next we spend an evening collaging and I ended up with this.  (I took a picture of it next to my shiny sink because I am trying to follow FlyLady and live with a shiny sink – all day, every day!.)


HBI ended up with this.



I also spent a day photoshopping just to play a little….see what can be done with the same photograph….just think if I actually learned to use my camera settings too!


Actual Photo above, unretouched.  Below have been adjusted….

200wreath1.jpg       200wreath2.jpg

200wreath3.jpg     200wreath4.jpg

200wreath5.jpg       200wreath6.jpg


One Response to “This weeks’ creativity”

  1. Mom Says:

    Doing good!!! Next thing you know you will have a room like mine. LOL

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