A Very successful Christmas!

Here are the results of all the madness and mayhem going on around the REPURPOSED blog last month.
Surprise of all surprises and wonders of all wonders, the kids actually LIKED their items! You never know with teenagers…cool or not so cool…hmmm…who really knows?

Here is lovely Miss Jenna with the two bags I made, plus the one from Nan that I won in her contest.



And, Mr Ryan with his hip, hot and happening repurposed raincoat messenger bag.


And…for the little ones…even they were thrilled with Auntie Viv’s creations. These are not repurposed, but for somebody who doesn’t sew, I think they worked out OK.

xmasboys3.jpg        xmasboys1.jpg

Keep tuned for the next round – I’ve already got some wicked cool creations on the machine…a box full of items to repurpose…and a ZIPPER foot!


4 Responses to “A Very successful Christmas!”

  1. kimberly Says:

    to vivian
    verrry coooool use of old stuff. keep up the creative energy.

  2. Nan Says:

    Looks like the bags were a hit, can’t wait to see what you come up with next you crafty girl you!

  3. beki Says:

    Congrats! there’s nothing better than well received crafty gifts 😉

  4. Repurposing something old into something new « Repurposed Says:

    […] Posted by repurposed on November 25, 2008 Here’s a quick little project I threw together using two old sweaters and some scraps of fabric leftover from making two boys’ robes last Christmas. […]

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