I am addicted to sugar.
I told my naturopath today that I totally get how addicted people just can’t stop. I mean if an alcohol addiction is anything like my sugar addiction…I get it. I can stop for awhile, but then, as soon as I have a taste, I’m back at it.
Of course, this time of year doesn’t help, does it? I’m pretty un-Martha-like but I thought I’d detail my baking.
First, we tried a sugar cookie recipe. We liked it and I am going to make a huge batch now and do painted cookies. We tried a few with some success, so next Saturday, we will make a HUGE BATCH!  (click on any photo to enlarge)  We are going to be painting them!


Then, J’s request is always for a soft ginger cookie. Also a new recipe which got a little too flat, but the flavor is good!


mmmmm….brownies….the rest kind of crumbled when I took it out of the pan, so you know what that means..! I had to eat it.


I haven’t cut into these but I was proud of the end result. Some kind of citrus loaf with a sugar lemon sauce poured on top. Oh my..I can imagine what these taste like but they were so pretty I didn’t cut into them! (THIS is a photo worth enlarging!)


and of course, Grandma’s buns. Yum.


oh yeah…after all that, this is all I was left with..! I did a pretty good job of keeping up with the cleaning as I went.  You can see by the soft light cascading in the south window that all of this really didn’t take me all day!  Ignore the burnt pancakes from breakfast!





2 Responses to “Sugar…”

  1. Nan Says:

    I’ve always wanted to try painted cookies, they seem like so much work, are they? I’d love to hear about how it goes for you.

    Sherry got her purse yesterday, you should be getting your’s soon!

  2. Mom Says:

    Good job, are you bringing some of this stuff to the gathering? I personally have only once done the painted cookies. You know how I am about the fussy stuff like that. LOL Everything looks delicious.

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