A littlebitta bling

I’m not positive that my niece will be thrilled about the size of the last bag I made (scroll down below) so I made another one just a bit smaller.

It also started it’s life as a skirt, and now it’s about 10″ wide and 12″ or so tall.

(click to enlarge any picture)



I used the waistband as the strap and left it all a little messy…with frayed edges however and wherever they occurred.  I sewed the second pocket into the inside leopard print lining which was just a scrap I had laying around.

I tied on a little heart emblem onto one of the straps, et voila! 

I saw the skirt and knew it could live it’s life as something else.  I’m not absolutely in love with this one, but it was good fun anyways.



2 Responses to “A littlebitta bling”

  1. Mom Says:

    Well done, my child… Very cute and I am sure she will love it.

    See you soon,

  2. karen Says:

    Thank you for this, you really made me in the mood to bake cookies and goodies. I lived in Canada for five years, and although it was in Southern Ontario, which is soooooo close to the border, I still miss the people! Have a Merry Merry Christmas. Karen

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