“Any boy would like that Mom”

cass1.jpg      cass2.jpg       cass3.jpg

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Here are photos of this weekend’s project.  A robe for my nephew Cass.  It has one of those great big boxer-robe-like hoods.

He is 6 months younger than HBI so I let him pick out the fabric and of course be my try-on model…(little does he know that I’ll be making a second one of these for him..!!)

Last night after the final hemming, I asked him “so do you think Cass will like it?”…and his oh-so-sweet-make-yer-momma’s-heart-melt response was “I think any boy would like that Mom”.

What I learned:

1)  be careful not to catch multiple layers of cloth under the needle….(!)

2)  When the pattern doesn’t make sense, just make it up.  The whole neckline/attach the hood / front facing part was a bit of a nightmare.

3)  I can do this in about 6 hours from cutting fabric to finishing hem.  I found out sewing is one of the few things that I can keep my eyes open past 10 pm for.


One Response to ““Any boy would like that Mom””

  1. Nan Says:

    We have a tie in the contest, and I need you to send me what your first choice is for the prize to determine if we can work this out with out having a tie breaking vote, Sherry is a friend of my daughters, I have never really met her, but I just don’t feel as if I can be impartial in voting to resolve a tie!

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