Something New for a Pretty Little Girl

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Now I know why I don’t like to follow patterns.  fyi…anything with a gathered shirring should not be listed as ‘EASY SEW’.

I started with this oh-so-cute flannel fabric .



I ended with a nightie for my beautiful niece Eva.


Project Highlights: 

1) repositioning the pattern FIVE TIMES.  I have forgotten alot about patterns….plus the fabric I bought was 107 cm and the pattern was made for 115 cm.

2) I didn’t like the idea of bias ply tape for the elastic casing so I made my own little tubes (man, that took forever to turn those inside out…but I love the result!)


3)  For a size 5 it looks really big.  I had HBI try it on for me (!!) and the neck is pretty big on him, so on a 4-year old…..hmmm.  All you sewers out there can tsk tsk now…I didn’t prewash the fabric.  I know I know, but flannel never looks as nice as it does before that first wash does it?  So…maybe once it goes through the wash it will be more like a size 5. (????)

I’ve got some pretty nifty ideas for my next repurposed project…stay tuned…I don’t think I can keep churning them out one per day, but we’ll see how it goes.


2 Responses to “Something New for a Pretty Little Girl”

  1. calegar Says:

    I don’t prewash my flannel either for the same reason! Yes, it will shrink just a tad after. It’s a darling nightgown! She’ll love it.

  2. Mom Says:

    Good job!!! I am so proud of you in your sewing. I still remember sewing “the suit” oh so many years ago. See you soon.

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