I so rock, and had no idea…


(you can click on any of the photos and see a larger version)

ok, ok

 What do you get when you take a corduroy skirt with a funky leather laceup, a logo t-shirt and a webbed belt?

Only the coolest REPURPOSED bag that the coolest auntie will probably give to her coolest niece this Christmas.  (of course at the risk that I have NO idea what cool is).  Denise:  if you are reading this, don’t say a word, or show her…


Check out how cool the tshirt lining turned out…


Other than the belt strap stitching, she may even choose to carry it inside-out.


I grabbed a scrap of the corduroy and zig-zagged the inside back of the shirt to it…I love the pocket..!!! 


It’s a little big ( I think the skirt was a size 16) so maybe next time I’d look for something  a bit smaller, but it’s still a good size for schoolbooks.

What I learned: 

#1 my sewing machine is not strong enough to go through 8 layers of corduroy….I broke one needle and bent one.

#2 I can do this (!) in an evening or less…

#3 I think I need to set up a corner downstairs…I went to the vintage shops today and picked up some really cool funky retro fabrics.  I might even try to follow a pattern for those.

#4 D-Rings are stupid expensive.  Buy webbed belts at the vintage shops for a quarter and cut’em off.

I rock.  Who knew?


6 Responses to “I so rock, and had no idea…”

  1. Karen Says:

    that’s awesome

  2. beki Says:

    Oh yes, very cool indeed! You rock!!

  3. Nan Says:

    Yippee!!! I am getting so excited! Thanks for your entry in the contest, it’s great!

  4. Mom Says:

    absolutely right, you totally rock!!! I am sure your very cool niece will love it.

  5. Heather Says:

    Looks like fun – go nuts!

  6. Karen Says:

    Hey – you make the greatest things with a sewing machine and some cool fabric. I love how you’ve re-used and re-modeled stuff. Very cool!

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