New Year 2010 – my so called resolutions

This is something I wrote for last  New Year’s resolutions and I thought I should share it again….these were my ‘resolutions’ of sorts….

So often we try to add something new without ridding ourselves of the old first….these are my ‘insteads’.


Instead of filling it up…. empty it out.

Instead of accumulating… destash

Instead of panicking… pray

Instead of talking… listen

Instead of leading… follow

Instead of

“Me” choose “You”

Instead of

“too busy” choose “I’ll make room for you”

When you find yourself saying

“I need it”, ask “who could use it more?”

When you find yourself saying

“I’m important”, remember to live as though there are no levels…

Instead of

“won’t” choose “should I?”

Instead of doing it the same old way, ask “is there something better?”

Instead of …….? 

What can you fill in for an “Instead of……” for your life in 2010?



My Life according to Facebook

Raise your hand….

…if you feel like you can’t keep up.

…if you feel like it all depends on you.

…if you are running out of time, month or money.

…if you need some fresh perspective on raising your kids, loving your spouse, or taking time for yourself.

…if you are dreading the holidays because it means you will have to spend time in the same room as ___________ .

…if you are dreading the holidays because it means you will have to spend it without___________.

…if you’re not sure what January will bring, but you’re pretty sure it’s not going to be good….

…if I can pray for you….Raise your hand. 

I’ll take up your cause, I’ll raise a banner high, I’ll carry it with you, I’ll go the extra mile.

For you. 

Because you’re worth it.

The Randomness of submitting to The Repurposing….

What happens when we open ourselves up to think less of ourselves and more of others??  If you’ve not spent much time here, I refer to that process as “The Repurposing”.
Here is an experience I saw on a friends’ Facebook Status….
“Had an awesome experience at Starbucks on our way home…was able to pay for some gents order with the money we had left over on our giftcard and blew him away…he was so shocked by my gesture…gave him the remaining $10 that was on it.
The Starbucks employee was so blown away he came up to (hubby) and I and gave us each a free beverage coupon to use and said that that was one of the most generous acts of kindness he’s seen in a long time…I felt blessed making someone elses day…thanks God!”

Christmas Photos on the iphone

Cell phone cameras aren’t exactly known for their good picture taking ability, and my first thoughts on the iphone were about the same….

OK, but a little grainy, and not really focused….not terribly clear…

So I kept playing with it….downloading the free apps to see if I could get any improvement….I finally paid for CAMERA GENIUS.

I played with it this weekend, and I think it definitely has some potential….anyone else have something they’ve loaded, or have any suggestions on improving these?





Running with Scissors…

…just a few of the things I’ve been toying with, in between renovations, life, working, volunteering and everything else…

I needed a laptop sleeve, so I pulled out an old sweater and made a cozy….while I was at it, made a matching sock for my iphone.

Then I pulled out an old jacket and made a travelling pack for my phone…

And #1 son loves skateboarding brands but Mom and Dad are not so thrilled about the price tags on those things, so we decided to make one of our own using REVERSE APPLIQUE.  What a fun thing to do – I am sure we will be making more things using this technique….here’s how it works:

Using an embroidery hoop, we traced out the design we wanted to use using a washable marker:


Then we cut out a circle of what we wanted our background fabric to be, and stitched around the logo…(next time I will not choose one quite so took too much thinking!)

Then we started thinking about which parts we wanted to keep and started cutting away the parts we didn’t:

tada….!  It looks even better now that it has been washed and the edges got a little ratty….not bad for a thrifted $1.49 t-shirt!


Today I did some cleaning in the studio, and it doesn’t usually take long in there for me to get creatively inspired…..I’ve been looking at Anthropologie’s site and think that I can do a whole lot better for a whole lot cheaper!

Check out my repurposed Doily Bib necklaces!

You can see more photos at

Made using a vintage Ten Commandments Charm Bracelet - see more photos at

What’s been going on….

I can’t believe it’s been over a month since I’ve been on here – wow!

Thanks for the link-love that you’ve been sending this way – we’re still clocking in between 30 and 140 readers a day….I find that absolutely incredible and humbling, but I’m glad you find enough here that draws you back.

I’m sure the blogging break was for a good purpose and alot has been stirred up for me this month.

This post has little to do with REPURPOSING things, but more on the REPURPOSED life I find myself living.

*** ready, go ***

october calendar

When we look back in the news, history will tell the tale of panic, confusion and many more unseemly things in the month of Oct 2009.  The whole H1N1 kerfluffle has opened up a new passion in me.  That passion is to wake people up to what is going on in our world…

I’m not a nut, and this is not going to be a post about the deep, dark, evils that are lurking.,  However it is going to be a post designed to get you thinking, and quite possibly taking some action.


Whatever side of the spectrum that you fall on when it comes to the vaccination, this post is not intended to open up a debate for one side or the other.  It is however, designed to let you know that YOU DO HAVE A CHOICE.

I don’t want anyone reading this post to feel bad / guilty / righteous over any choice they have made regarding this issue, so please if you are finding yourself in any of those positions, take yourself out of them..finish reading this with an open mind….

For many years now, we have been slowly giving up our rights to make decisions for our own bodies, and those of our children. At the slightest cough or fever, we have started not to trust our own intuitions and rushed to the doctor’s office, taking each and every suggestion the Doctor has made as gospel for us….this has created FEAR in us, and a lack of understanding of how our bodies were created.

We abuse our bodies at every turn and every meal, and then wonder where degenerative  diseases / auto-immune diseases are coming from.  We rush to our doctor’s and pop whatever pills they prescribe and keep living our self-destructive lives.

We are so busy moving our families from place to place that we rarely take the time to decipher the things our bodies are telling us.  We accept things like acne, allergies, and constipation as normal and never take a minute to try and connect the dots.

It is unfortunate that our cutting edge medical system is now built on a system of profit motivation.  It only makes sense to get us numbed to our own bodies and signals…the more drugs they can pump out, the more their stock goes up, our investment portfolios grow and everybody’s happy, right?

Not so!


It’s time to slow down.

It’s time to connect some dots and make some changes which will result in our bodies coming into the balance they were created for.

That is a long road…we are so conditioned to being followers that it is hard, very hard to buck the trend and to simply start the process by saying NO.

The NO doesn’t have to be concrete.  It doesn’t have to be the end.  It actually signals the beginning because until we can say YES with conviction to back it up, we must say NO.

We have to take responsibility for our own health, our own bodies, and our families.  We have to stop giving up and bowing down to the modern medical system.  Now whoa Nellie…I am not saying the entire system is broken and I am extremely grateful for so many parts of our medical system that have the resources and abilities to save so many lives…..I’m just calling for a new balance.  One that looks at the front end, one that says our bodies are fearfully and wonderfully made and that works to support our natural healing abilities that start with BETTER CHOICES.

I’ve always said that if I had enough time and money I’d become a Naturopathic Doctor….well that hasn’t happened yet, but I do alot of reading and research on dietary nutrition and natural remedies….not enough to make me an expert, but enough to know that there are alternatives….

There are some very good voices out there – people educated in the medical system who can see the better way….working tirelessly for a new system…a system that stops long enough to consider the health that can be achieved without a reliance on manufactured drugs.   I support these workers- especially those who don’t put down the current system with absolutes – who call for a better balance – a stopping of the drug company controlled system, and a return to a holistic philosophy.  I will feature articles and links from some of these people.

I think that some of my future posts might revolve around things that I find interesting, so if you are here for the ‘crafting / artistry’ side of REPURPOSING you might get bored…..but if you have any sense that this is something you need to pay attention to, I invite you along for the ride!

The Winds of change….


…I’ve been harboring this post for a coupla weeks, not quite sure when to pull the trigger, but I think it’s right about now….

I’ve felt for awhile that I needed to take a break from my REPURPOSED ITEMS blogging. It has started to feel like I NEED to keep my daily regular readers happy and churn out something for them to see. Don’t get me wrong…I am THRILLED when you comment, or email me but I’m just not ‘tracking with it’ right now.

For me, the time I spend REPURPOSING any item or playing in my studio has absolutely nothing to do with the final product….it has EVERYTHING to do with what is happening in my own soul as I learn to create something from nothing…as I learn to “do” something that intrinsically has NO VALUE, and is adding nothing to my productivity driven self….THAT to me is the draw, is the life-giving energy that I get from it….

I’ve spent so much time in my life doing things that had a visible purpose, that I’m enjoying and learning from the ‘nothingness’ of my studio time. I need to protect that and the learnings that are coming from it.

I’ll still post some fun things on my Facebook Fan Page, but it will probably be more sporadic, and showcase what others are doing instead of me….just so you know…..


(not mine…just some creative inspiration…)

Whaddya Get when…..

modpodge1…you give a 9 year old boy free reign with the Mod-Podge in the studio??






snowmobile themed Fridge Magnets…!!!  I just have to find/buy the magnets!


The Life I have Chosen…

” Since this is the kind of life we have chosen, the life of the Spirit, let us make sure that we do not just hold it as an idea in our heads or a sentiment in our hearts, but work out its implications in every detail of our lives. That means we will not compare ourselves with each other as if one of us were better and another worse. We have far more interesting things to do with our lives. Each of us is an original. “


Part of the REPURPOSING journey for me, for sure has been learning to let go of alot of things / ideas / plans.butterfly

Part of the REPURPOSING journey for me, for sure has been tapping in to thoughts that are higher than my own, that take into account the BIG picture and that are not so consumed with my own wishes, dreams and plans.


Part of the REPURPOSING journey for me, for sure has been learning to let go, to be still in the now, and to be content with the present, not looking to any person, thing or event to satisfy me.

Part of the REPURPOSING journey for me, for sure has been learning to look at others with a new lens – one that says they are no better, nor any worse than me and my own spiritual condition.  We all have our junk.  We all struggle with our private inner thoughts and character.  We all need redemption day after day after day.

butterflyPart of the REPURPOSING journey for me, for sure has been learning about the ability to tap into a source so satisfying that things of this life, are growing strangely dimmer and dimmer – there is so much that just doesn’t matter or take priority with me any more.

Part of the REPURPOSING journey for me, for sure has been the release of details and control in all those daily things that drive us crazy….finances…relationships…worries…

butterflyI rest differently now.  I rest in a knowing that I matter in all the right ways, and I don’t hold any false positions or ranks in all the wrong ways.  My perspective has shifted, my wants are few, my desires dimmed.  This is not a process that I could have initiated, planned, or plotted through any 5, 8 or 18 step program….this could only come about by own willingness to give up, give in, give over, give all.

I’ve chosen to become less, instead of more.

I’ve chosen the less walked path,instead of the well-marked one.

I’ve chosen the unknown, and know now that NOT knowing is somewhat freeing, gratifying and releasing. 

I, for one, stand amazed.


I don’t know what’s next.  Tomorrow.  Next Week.  Next Year.

I could be back in the corporate world.  I could be slinging burgers.  I could be rich – I could be poor.  I could be healthy – I could be sick.  I could be up – I could be down.

I don’t know those details.  I do know that where I am and what I do will be by His Hand, and for His Glory.



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(the words at the top are from Galatians 5:25 – the Message version)

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